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The number 88 in numerology is a very powerful number. The single 8 represents karma, death/rebirth, and energetic or magickal power. Its likeness to the infinity symbol is no coincidence. What goes around, comes around. That goes for hard work, bad attitudes and wishes. When you double up […]

The Sacred Feminine and 666

Triple six is the number of power, creation, and ritual. Typically regarded as the number of the beast, triple six has been perverted by Angle Saxon religious leadership. The Bible is nothing but a blasphemous retelling of paganism and sacred archetypal information created to control the masses with […]

The Circle is the Cycle no8

Katrina’s 8 yr anniversary. It’s so distinctively heavy here in the city tonight. Nobody was outside much today and the weather’s been cooler. Things have felt differently.. Not bad, not good, just differently. For example, usually I am sitting in my house which is dry. Tonight, I feel […]

To.day go.es L.EYE.ke this

Yes. My day started off with a bang. I woke up to dog shit. Awesome. Hello single turd-cake. Odd, just one. Where are the rest? I didn’t find them. I looked everywhere and yes, smelled around. Both dogs look guilty. I test them both, separately. They both know […]

What is Sync?

Sync is that moment some people call “coincidence”. it’s when you talk about a friend you haven’t seen in years, only to see them within 24hrs. You can call it “prediction” or “manifestation” but they are all SYNC. Sync is seeing your own numerology number (or birthdate) on your […]