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Full Moon in Leo

Wishing everyone a blessed Leo Wolf Full Moon. Set your creator-intentions as high as you can handle. We’re walking this crystal bridge into a new day. Leave the drama behind and embrace the true golden glow of the masterful Leonine spirit! This Leo Moon is illuminated by the […]

Juno in Leo: Equal Rights for All

Juno enters Leo this afternoon at 4:08pm CST. Juno is the wife of Jupiter. She echoes the themes of Venus but with a diplomatic and committal twist. Juno rules relationships and soul mates. She does not smile upon the abuse of her sisters. Nor does Juno tolerate anyone being […]

Venus in Leo 8.12.14

Venus moved into the fiery sign of Leo this morning. This is an exciting time to be in love and be creative! Leo rules children, creativity, romance, and the spotlight. So with Venus moving into Leo today, romance, children, and beauty will be at the forefront for the next […]

Happening Now! Aquarian Supermoon

 I do not always share charts (because people complain it’s complicated) today I felt led to. The particular chart was cast for New Orleans, where I live. There is an inverted five star aspect? I sure did! All signs point to the Moon at 17 Aquarius. Where do you fall […]