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Full Moon in Leo

Wishing everyone a blessed Leo Wolf Full Moon. Set your creator-intentions as high as you can handle. We’re walking this crystal bridge into a new day. Leave the drama behind and embrace the true golden glow of the masterful Leonine spirit! This Leo Moon is illuminated by the […]

Full Moon in Cancer; Hello, Mother.

A Cancerian Full Moon for Christmas! Ode to joy! Whatever pop and/or religious culture you celebrate.. We’re going home for the holidays with MAMA Moon. Pass the cookie platter. Sounds lovely. All the insecurities from our childhood definitely come with! Time to address it by addressing a letter to […]

Taurus Full Moon

Dark behaviors cause karmic aging. You don’t want premature wrinkles, do you? Get a real filler, inject that gash with the light of love. You have far more space than you think. So fill up buttercup, this Moon’s for you!