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Full Moon in Leo

Wishing everyone a blessed Leo Wolf Full Moon. Set your creator-intentions as high as you can handle. We’re walking this crystal bridge into a new day. Leave the drama behind and embrace the true golden glow of the masterful Leonine spirit! This Leo Moon is illuminated by the […]

The Afternoon of an Astrologer

Yesterday I did two readings. I like to spend my afternoons, usually after two, doing readings. My favorite days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I find the energies of Mars, Jupiter, and Venus lend themselves well to the type of readings I like to create. I don’t charge […]

Growing and Glowing

This afternoon I noticed AstroSync’s Facebook page only needs seven more likes until it hits the one hundred milestone. Mote it be 3 times 3! Won’t you follow the Facebook page? ❤ Today this site received it’s best day for views and likes. I can really feel the […]

The Sacred Feminine and 666

Triple six is the number of power, creation, and ritual. Typically regarded as the number of the beast, triple six has been perverted by Angle Saxon religious leadership. The Bible is nothing but a blasphemous retelling of paganism and sacred archetypal information created to control the masses with […]