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Full Moon in Cancer; Hello, Mother.

A Cancerian Full Moon for Christmas! Ode to joy! Whatever pop and/or religious culture you celebrate.. We’re going home for the holidays with MAMA Moon. Pass the cookie platter. Sounds lovely. All the insecurities from our childhood definitely come with! Time to address it by addressing a letter to […]

The Afternoon of an Astrologer

Yesterday I did two readings. I like to spend my afternoons, usually after two, doing readings. My favorite days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I find the energies of Mars, Jupiter, and Venus lend themselves well to the type of readings I like to create. I don’t charge […]

Jupiter Stations Direct

While the largest planet in our solar system definately influences everyone, some may feel it more strongly. Those with a Sagittarius sun, moon, or rising sign may feel the largest pull. Yet individuals with a rising or sun sign of Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio will also be experiencing this […]