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Jupiter Trine Venus

Oh me oh my. So many charts and so little time! This week is full of shoveling the ego out the door. It’s time to expand your self love! Push out anyone who doesn’t deserve your energy or effort. That’s right, expand. Once your self love has reached […]

Ten Thousand

I once had a personal blog that got about ten thousand hits a month. Astrosync has been going for about a year and a half now. I’m just encroaching on ten thousand total visitors. Why? Because it’s genuine and discusses spiritual issues. My other website was kitschy and […]

The Afternoon of an Astrologer

Yesterday I did two readings. I like to spend my afternoons, usually after two, doing readings. My favorite days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I find the energies of Mars, Jupiter, and Venus lend themselves well to the type of readings I like to create. I don’t charge […]