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Happening Now! Aquarian Supermoon

 I do not always share charts (because people complain it’s complicated) today I felt led to. The particular chart was cast for New Orleans, where I live. There is an inverted five star aspect? I sure did! All signs point to the Moon at 17 Aquarius. Where do you fall […]

Naming the Foster

Everything by it’s right name. This is one of my favorite mantras. I hummed it all week. On Thursday I had a hunch that a guest was coming on Saturday. I got an email promptly thereafter regarding a foster pup who needed special care. She’d been hit by a car and left to suffer […]

Merkaba Portal Through the Goddess Venus

Earth/Air Shift into Virgo. The 19th-22nd of August. The Full Aquarian “blue” moon air shift. The air condition(ing) is restarting. Don’t be afraid of the heat. It too shall pass. Expect a cool breeze and a new horizon.  Change be coming. Blessings be ballin. Molecules is buzzin. Elevation […]