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Full Moon in Cancer; Hello, Mother.

A Cancerian Full Moon for Christmas! Ode to joy! Whatever pop and/or religious culture you celebrate.. We’re going home for the holidays with MAMA Moon. Pass the cookie platter. Sounds lovely. All the insecurities from our childhood definitely come with! Time to address it by addressing a letter to […]

Jupiter Trine Venus

Oh me oh my. So many charts and so little time! This week is full of shoveling the ego out the door. It’s time to expand your self love! Push out anyone who doesn’t deserve your energy or effort. That’s right, expand. Once your self love has reached […]

Growing and Glowing

This afternoon I noticed AstroSync’s Facebook page only needs seven more likes until it hits the one hundred milestone. Mote it be 3 times 3! Won’t you follow the Facebook page? ❤ Today this site received it’s best day for views and likes. I can really feel the […]

Supermoon in Pisces

The super moon is in Pisces occurred on the 8th of this month. Although I’ve seen sites claiming it occurred as late as the 10th. Whichever, Pisces is dark and deep. Pisces rules the 12th house. It’s the last sign of the Zodiac wheel and is known as […]