Tag: 12th house

Ode to the Fishes

Fragile soul. Dancing glow. A spark of the cosmic, in the blink of the eye. Empty cup primed to fill. Invisible until. Matter becomes her. Oh 12th house. Song of the whales. Hymn of infinity. We hum.  Aummmmm. The Universe. Limitless cosmic hues. Planetary bodies. Terrestrial awe. Space between stars. Dance of […]

Supermoon in Pisces

The super moon is in Pisces occurred on the 8th of this month. Although I’ve seen sites claiming it occurred as late as the 10th. Whichever, Pisces is dark and deep. Pisces rules the 12th house. It’s the last sign of the Zodiac wheel and is known as […]

Neptune Rx June 9 2014

Dreaming big this month is like RSVPing to a huge #fistbump from Neptune! If you want to achieve your deepest desires, Neptune Rx is the time to do it. Mark your intentions and set course on your map of the deep sea. You may almost certainly encounter a monster, mermaid, or dolphin along […]

Venus Conjunct Chiron

Venus is conjunct Chiron today at 16 Pisces.   Today is also the first day of Taurus, ruled by Venus. Venus longs to teach about relationship with others. She wants us all to just get along.  If you can cultivate the courage to get rid of the drama, […]

The Circle is the Cycle no8

Katrina’s 8 yr anniversary. It’s so distinctively heavy here in the city tonight. Nobody was outside much today and the weather’s been cooler. Things have felt differently.. Not bad, not good, just differently. For example, usually I am sitting in my house which is dry. Tonight, I feel […]