Tag: 11th house

Full Moon in Sagittarius; Going Full Fire

Full Moon with the Sun dancing just ahead of trickster Mercury in retrograde. Fuel in the fire, explosions in the cosmos. Waiting to expand while the pressure builds. Racing thoughts, emotional upset. It’s time to go to war for what you believe in. Don’t panic, be patient. We’re […]

Man: Hu-Man: Woe-Man

Love. Watching the media lies. Insomnia. Worry. Crying inside. Weight of the world on small shoulders. Small town destroyed. Sensitive. Feeling. Intuitive flow. Hurting. Jupiter takes a gigantic blow. Below the horizon line all planets prevail. Uranus on high. History on loop. Sideways are the skies. Things are shifting. […]

Growing and Glowing

This afternoon I noticed AstroSync’s Facebook page only needs seven more likes until it hits the one hundred milestone. Mote it be 3 times 3! Won’t you follow the Facebook page? ❤ Today this site received it’s best day for views and likes. I can really feel the […]