I used to be skeptical about astrology but Astro Sync is always so on point that it changed my mind! Very cool to read how the whole universe is working together. -Erin B. in Houston, Tx.

Love this page!! -Christy S. in Knoxville, Tn.

Amazing, amazing.. So in love with this site and page. Best out of there all things that surround the wisdom of Astrology ♥ -Brooke S. in Atlanta, Ga.

I must say Christy is a phenomenal astrologer, medium and psychic reader!! I found her services to be extremely accurate and very insightful. Her talents and gifts are absolutely amazing!!! She’s very knowledgeable and intuitive. I highly recommend her for any questions, concerns you may have about astrology. I GIVE HER 20 STARS!! -Lekeisha S. in New Orleans, La.

Great first Astrology class! Not only is Christy a great reader but wonderful and patient teacher. -Teri V. in Metairie, La.

Christy’s gifts are amazing and I will be enlisting her services for future readings. She listened carefully to my questions and needs prior to our session, and my readings were focused and totally on point! They confirmed my own intuition about a myriad of questions and have truly helped me to move forward. I would absolutely with no question recommend Christy and her services at AstroSync to anyone looking for insight. Thank you Christy for putting your stellar talents to work with AstroSync! -Melody W. in Wilmington, Nc.

Christy did an amazing job of addressing my specific questions as well as giving me a thorough overview of my natal chart. Her service was grounded, insightful, and powerful. She is highly intuitive and a wealth of knowledge in the astrological world. I am very grateful for the insights she has given me and look forward to more! -Jennifer E. in Covington, La.

Christy is simply amazing. She was able to put my feelings and experiences into words in ways that I could not. I can not begin to reccomend her enough. -Staunton S. in Atherton, Ca.

Best astro blog ever!! -Ashly C. in New Orleans, La.

Christy is an Astrological surgeon.. Perhaps the coolest Witch I’ve encountered. Super intuitive and super knowledgeable with a super sense of humor. Naturally she deserves 6 stars. -James K. in Covington, La.

Christy is awesome and has a great spectrum of knowledge of all things astrology. She has the ability to transfer the energy of her thoughts to her students which is amazing and very helpful in terms of understanding the message and material.- Amy A. in Baton Rouge, La.

Christy did a reading for me last night and I was blown away! I learned so much about astrology and myself! I will definitely recommend her for anyone who is interested in readings and charts! -Victoria F. in New Orleans, La.

Christy with the third eye is a wealth of knowledge with regard to every area of your life. She helps you get to the root of “yourself” and works your way up and out. A real natural! Recommend her highly! -Lauren M. in New York City.

I’m a regular on readings. I usually have a reading of some sort about every 6 months, and have done so for the past 7 years. I recently moved to New Orleans and thought I would branch out from my regular gal in Austin, and give a local a try. When I met Christy through a friend, I immediately liked her. It felt fortuitous to find out that she does readings and that my instincts about her were honest. So, my birthday gift to myself was to have her do my natal chart – a 2 hour read. It was the best birthday gift I’ve gotten in a long time!! Not only was the reading spot on, but Christy’s intuitive delivery of the information was perfect. My tears were finally released and they willfully poured through multiple “Yes!” moments. If you’re looking for some direction, clarification, or just a little Karmic nudge – contact Christy at Astrosync. I truly believe that she’s in all of our stars. 🌜- Gretchen U. in New Orleans, La.

Christy.. she has a gift! She is amazing at what she does. Very intuitive and spot on. If you have an opportunity to work with her, you should do so! I was blown away with the info she was able to come up with for me. Seriously, don’t wait, go for it now! Thanks Christy!- Guinevere B. in Houston, Tx.


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