Ode to the Fishes

Fragile soul. Dancing glow. A spark of the cosmic, in the blink of the eye. Empty cup primed to fill. Invisible until. Matter becomes her. Oh 12th house. Song of the whales. Hymn of infinity. We hum.  Aummmmm. The Universe. Limitless cosmic hues. Planetary bodies. Terrestrial awe. Space between stars. Dance of […]

Capricorn Moon 656

Do the work you love; it is no longer work. A life transformed into adventure. Proper structures. Clear vision. Now a dazzling dream in memorial to those long days spent waiting. Oh! How the time has come. Crooked bones and thousands of seconds later.  Still a job to do. Accomplishing in […]

Full Moon in Sagittarius; Going Full Fire

Full Moon with the Sun dancing just ahead of trickster Mercury in retrograde. Fuel in the fire, explosions in the cosmos. Waiting to expand while the pressure builds. Racing thoughts, emotional upset. It’s time to go to war for what you believe in. Don’t panic, be patient. We’re […]