Full Moon in Cancer; Hello, Mother.

A Cancerian Full Moon for Christmas! Ode to joy! Whatever pop and/or religious culture you celebrate.. We’re going home for the holidays with MAMA Moon. Pass the cookie platter. Sounds lovely. All the insecurities from our childhood definitely come with! Time to address it by addressing a letter to […]

Aldebaran Occults the Moon

Aldebaran, fixed star known as The Bull’s Eye, is being occulted by the Gemini Moon today. Here in New Orleans, we won’t be able to see it. But around noon we will feel it hitting us hardest. Aldebaran is known as The Watcher of the East. It’s location, 9 degrees Gemini. […]


Solstice. The soul’s journey to the light. We are crowned. With victorious joy we turn inward. Sun sits directly South. This is the longest day of the year. For six months our days have grown shorter as the nights have lengthened. As with all cosmic implications, we’ve spent this […]

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