Using Asteroids


Using the limitless combinations of Asteroids a learned Astrologer may quickly and accurately find the information they seek. There are Asteroids tied to civilizations, mythology, spirituality and more. One can use Asteroids as codes in order to answer questions about things like past lives, relationships, career, health, the self, the soul, guardians and personal gifts.

Here’s a brief step by step showing you how to input Asteroids into

Go to the homepage at You’ll need to have a free account and already understand how to add info to your database. Scroll to and click on the extended chart collection.


Select your subject. Highlight any dwarf planets, fixed stars or Asteroids in the drop down bar using your shift key. I always select True and South node as well. Enter your Asteroids number into the bottom bar of the screen. For example, Asteroid Angel’s number is 11911


Once you’ve gotten comfortable using this screen you can begin to explore combinations using any Asteroids you like. Technically the Astro site won’t allow you to use more than ten numbered figures on one chart. However I’ve gotten away with twelve or thirteen before. Eventually you’ll develop favorite combinations and the website will remember those.



Have fun!


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