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2 Pallas

5 Astraea

10 Hygeia

16 Psyche

19 Fortuna- Goddess of all luck both pleasant and unpleasant. Daughter of Jupiter she rules the fortune of the native. If you are said to be a person of correct action she will grant you good karmic bonus points. If you’re said to be selfish she’ll take things from you until you earn them back. Fortuna represents the turning tide, so her aspects and transits may wreak havoc or sprinkle blessings liberally, depending on your karmic bank account. She is tied to the Wheel of Fortune tarot card and the Part of Fortune Point. Her number is 10, implying her governess over the 10th house, ruling career and success. Fortuna is especially important in transit and synastry charts but is also useful in the natal especially if aspecting the Ascendant, Midheaven or Sun sign.

34 Circe -Daughter of the Witch Goddess Hekate, Circe is an artist of potions and herb magick. She uses a wand to transform her enemies into small animals. She is the Goddess of Magick. Seen often as a nymph/faerie, sorceress or witch. Daughter of the Sun God Helios and Aunt of the Minotaur, her mother Perse, linked to all things natural. Circe is the Earth Witch.

40 Harmonia- Brings harmony and peace

46 Hestia

52 Europa

55 Pandora- The first mortal woman. She begets the mysteries of the universe. A Goddess in her own rite she can be called the mother of humanity.

74 Galatea

78 Diana- Goddess of fertility and the Moon. Represented at Easter by the Rabbit. Tied in lore to the Babylonian Ishtar.

80 Sappho

88 Thisbe

100 Hekate- Using paired torches, skeleton keys, dogs and daggers Hekate is the mother of Witchcraft. She rules the crossroads, necromancy, light, the Moon and occulted entrance ways. She possesses great knowledge of herbs, poisonous plants, ghosts and sorcery. She brings daily blessings to those who worship her. The Asteroid point will denote where her knowledge dwells in the chart.

103 Hera

105 Artemis- Protector of women, childbirth, virginity and the maiden. Mothers seek refuge in her care. Protector of large and small animals. Ruler of the hunt. Guardian of agriculture. She transformed  Callisto and Arcas into Ursa major and Ursa Minor. Linked to nature, the Moon and safety.

108 Hecuba

114 Cassandra- Seer of the future. Fortune teller. Denotes things yet to occur by karmic destiny.

201 Penelope

212 Medea- Mother of the Gods. She studied under the great sorcereris Hekate. The goddess of the Witch.

307 Nike- Goddess of Victory. Nike represents where we receive glory and recognition in our chart. A winged being, she flew rewarding warriors with leaves of Laurel (Bay) as she granted them fame and honor.

399 Persephone- Daughter of Demeter, Persephone is the queen of the underworld. As ruler of the dead she carries out curses on the living. She was abducted to hell by Hades. Each Spring it’s said the young flowers breaking free from the Earth represent Persephone’s struggle to break free from the underworld. For this reason she rules the Spring season, vegetation and renewal of life. Persephone represents where we can learn to go with the flow. She is the power to defeat enemies after your own ego death.

433 Eros- Greek God of Love. Roman e

763 Cupido- Just like you thought, cupid is the evil baby who seeks to trick us into love.

875 Nymphe

881 Athene

1943 Anteros

1036 Ganymede

1108 Demeter

1862 Apollo- God of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge. Brother of Artemis.

2063 Bacchus- God of wine, lust and parties.

2101 Adonis

3361 Orpheus

3671 Dionysus

4450 Pan

5731 Zeus

14871 Pyramus

69230 Hermes

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