Anglo Saxton

9500 Camelot- The fortress of home. Marks a point in the chart where the glory of a harmonious and powerful kingdom is known.

2598 Merlin- The Archetype of the Magician. Tied to the sorcery, message bearing trickster archetypes of Mercury, Odin, Hermes, Loki and Thoth. He shows us how to use our magick and unifies both masculine and feminine energies. Merlin is the ultimate creator, healer and alchemist. In line with the Christ energy, Merlin unites and sanctifies his chart position. The Merlin asteroid may show where magical gifts using alchemy and wand magic are kept.

2597 Arthur- The king. He represents authority, obligation to duty, growth and power through character strength.

2483 Guinevere- May suggest where we need to claim our power. Shows where to become the ruling Queen in life. She gave up power for love.

2041 Lancelot- The knight who died for his love. Martyr, hero, savior.

2082 Galahad- The search for the grail.

2054 Gawain- Knight of the round table

3180 Morgan- Women of the night she rules Faeries, mirrors/trickery and healing.

774 Armor- Literal protection

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