Guide to Asteroids


Asteroids can be use for a dizzying array of possibilities when reading a chart. They are useful to determine Archetypes, guides, guardians and gifts in the Natal. They are useful in a transit chart as activators for planets, fixed stars and other heavenly bodies. They can also help point to major life decisions or changes like desire to marry, developing new psychic gifts, starting a family, changing career or even radically changing your spiritual beliefs.

In a synastry chart Asteroids can denote the soul’s connection to another. Asteroids are very often involved in past life recognition. When you see someone and just know that you’ve known them for a long time. In love relationships there are often major Asteroid conjunctions between planets of involved natives. Once a student of astrology is familiar with the archetypes, casting natal readings and using aspects, adding Asteroids can be a very exciting next step.


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