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Astrology Consultations

Thirty Minute // 40

One Hour // 70

One and a Half Hour // 100

Two Hour // 130

Tarot Readings

Fifteen Minute // 1 Question // 22

Thirty Minute // 2 Question // 42


Twenty Min // Let the Cards Speak // 27

NEW // Exclusive Content \\ NEW

NEW!! Receive lunar and key event articles on the 21st of each month pertaining to the month ahead. These articles will be yours to read and digest weeks before the aspects fully develop. With advanced awareness you can plan accordingly. As a subscriber you’ll receive bonus information not shared on the Astrosync site.

Add additional reoccurring monthly services with your exclusive rate.

Monthly Detailed Outlook + Upcoming Themes // Secrets of the cosmos // Emailed // 36 Reoccurring

Monthly Outlook Email+ Twenty Minute Astrology Consultation // 55 Reoccurring

Monthly Outlook Email+ Three Card Reading on Email // 47 Reoccurring

Add upcoming forecasts, personal horoscopes or secrets of the cosmos to your package for $12 each per month.

Private Lessons Online

Weekly or Bi Weekly // Forty Five Minutes each

Please email me for weeknight and Saturday scheduling and rates

I recommend Astrology readings in 6 – 8 week cycles. Tarot as needed. Content as desired.

I take appointments on most Saturdays at noon, 2pm, 4pm or 6pm CST. Weeknights at 7pm.

I highly recommend Facebook Messenger for your reading service. It becomes a written transcript for you to review later. Visuals and hyperlinks for further research may also be included.

I now offer recorded phone + computer based readings and recorded calls.

Please email or message AstroSync on Facebook to make an appointment or with any questions.

AstroSync Paypal Payment

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