Common Questions

What is Astrology exactly? Astrology is an ancient Science and Psychic art. Astrology itself can describe hundreds of methods or schools of thought. What they all have in common is the observation and tracking of the solar system. Astrologers harnesses massive amounts of information via myth, science and art in order to generate a delicate pattern of information for the individual and universe at large. Ancient Astrologers birthed modern Physics, Astronomy, Psychology and more. Before man had religion, he had the stars. The planets were gods, the comets messengers, the asteroids angels and the stars divine beings or travelers.

What do you say to the skeptics? Let me do your chart! I’m happy to do a sample reading and change your mind.

Isn’t Astrology Satanism? No. Astrology is not devil worship nor is it condemned in religious texts. Astrology is compatible with every religion because it essentially birthed them all. Mystics were Astrologers. Mysticism existed before religion. When mystery schools became occulted, or were developed for profit, Astrologers became threats and were driven underground. Sadly the idea of self actualization didn’t jive with the Patriarchy. Astrology doesn’t create subdued or manipulatable masses. It creates a balanced, adaptive and motivated society. The church did not want people to realize their true power. Thus Astrology was stigmatized and damned from the pulpit for centuries.

Why have an Astrology reading? Having the power of self awareness in your life is absolutely priceless. For most clients a new level of realization is achieved in a much shorter time frame. Many people simply receive confirmation on hunches or suspicions they’ve always had. Astrology can be used as a helpful tool for knowing the self, understanding relationships and developing peace.

How often should I have a reading? I usually recommend a reading as often as you’d get a hair cut, about every 6-8 weeks. For more acute concerns, every 3 weeks is best until your situation is resolved. If you’re doing it just for fun, or to learn about yourself, then having your full natal chart done can be a one time experience. However, most people tend to find so much insight into their life and themselves that they stick around. I rarely do onetime readings.

Do you use Tarot or any other forms of divination in your readings? Yes. I use various types of divination as needed. I’m a fan of my pendulum, my Crowley Tarot deck and my massive collection of crystals. I even find myself a medium for the dead on occasion. It’s not uncommon someones Grandfather, dog, cat, Mother or Aunt has something to tell them. I have been known to channel information or messages to my clients. If you’re in the New Orleans area I offer Palm readings as well. If you’d like to incorporate Tarot into your Astrology reading please let me know.

How is a reading done? I look for patterns and points in your natal chart and go from there. I don’t summon demons (yes people have asked) nor do I conjure any type of spirits into your realm. I am highly respectful of other’s energetic boundaries.


What I don’t do: I don’t give you your future. Period. Don’t ask. Life is meant to be lived. I don’t offer advice centered around questions like this: When will I die? When will I find my husband/wife? When will I be happy? When will I lose weight? When will my boss get off my case? Those questions are not what you think they are. Schedule a Natal+Transit reading and lets discover the questions that lie beneath the surface.

Boundaries:  I won’t do a solo synastry reading unless you have expressed permission from the other person. I won’t read the chart of your crush if they have no idea we’re doing it. I don’t want to look at your crazy cousin, mother or x-boyfriends chart either. Someone’s natal chart is their soul’s blueprint. Unless I have consent, I’m not going there. Respect, yo.

Astrology is subjective: I offer advise and make suggestions based on your highest potential. I suggest ways to drop burdening patterns and pitfalls. I can show you how to achieve your dreams. What you do with the advice is up to you. You can resist all signs surfacing in the weeks following. You can walk away from universal love. You can reject syncs within your energetic reach. It’s up to you to create your reality. Sadly, not everyone accepts that they deserve everything they desire. I want to change that.

What do you think?

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