About AstroSync

Sync. That moment when you realize you’ve seen 4:44 everyday for a week. When you run into an old friend you’ve been thinking or talking about for days. The gift you receive from out of no where and it’s just what you’ve been needing. It’s the moment when the universe in us/you/me pops over to say Hello, I love you, thanks for being so bright! You’re doing a great job, carry on!

Religion calls these instances by various things; signs, miracles, jah, wu way, the holy spirit, etc. Getting caught up in the tangle of religion may cause blindness. The devil is in the details. So I just call these daily tiny check-ins Syncing. Pair it up with Astrology and get AstroSync.

The universe experiences itself through us. It’s time to recognize this and claim your power. Where to start? You feel the buzz, you know you’ve done something grand! Chills coil up and down your limbs and spine. An energy rush shoots out the top of your head. You aren’t on drugs dude! You’re experiencing energetic surges! Perhaps it happens because of something like Deja Vu. For me it’s often a song, a painting, an experience, a food, a book or specific time of day like 11:11

Do you know why? Or how to explain it? I spent years feeling confused because my daily Syncs seemed silly to everyone I attempted to explained them to. So I stopped talking about it and started listening more. I also got some better friends! The universe works in concert. Through choices and connections. Through channels and electrical jumps, we evolve.

Riding the wave will give even the blind a chance to see. Once Synced up, one can only sync more. Onward, onward, further upward. Blessings roll in through exhibiting gratefulness. The ability to sync and receive must be cultivated. This is the law of attraction. Once blessings are flowing, more “coincidences” swing-in. Thus providing wider and more thrilling opportunity to expand success and consciousness.

pyramid eye moon

The wheel of our multiply existing lives, this universal web of connectedness, and the delicate flower of our consciousness. This is the wheel, web and flower of life. Astrology is the key to your soul’s discovery. Open the door.

We are all manifesting this existence together. We are the internet, the mycelium, the grey matter, the furthest non terrestrial fibers and still the deepest tree roots. We are the community.

Building our cyberspace, our outer space and our inner space one day at a time. One sync and second (syncond) at a time.

Everything you need to know is already standing by ready to be received. Just tune into your station and download freely. Need some clues to get there? Let’s schedule a reading. Send me a Facebook message. I offer readings via phone, email, Facebook messenger or in person the New Orleans area.

Stop searching and start Syncing!

Thanks for visiting.


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