See | Life

A swift flooding. Swallowed up, from seemingly nowhere. The veil dissolves. A wash over my face. The collective lung. Grieving for what once was. The last gasp for air. Screaming, for anyone who can hear us. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to scream for help. Oh, sweet destruction. The abyss and deluge of sorrows. We have met in forgotten times, uncountable times. I thought you had passed. I wished you were quite dead. Hades, my friend. Saturn my commander. Connect us again. Through this numbed pain. Remind us we are one. A need to know our common grounds. We all need help. It’s okay to ask for it and anything else you need too.

What if all the things you spoke, were real? Well, aren’t they though. What if, the curses you used, actually cursed as you intended. They do. Why not speak gratitude instead. Highlight the things in your life you appreciate. Call down the comic forces, to make things a little easier. Now, more than ever, the reality of what we project, through our vibration and our words, attitude and hologram itself is hyper-aware of each nuance and change. Roll with it. Rock it. Ghost yourself into the mirror and don’t just project what you want, see it. It’s not “what if” it’s “this is”. You are I AM. You are not “eh, may be”.


The air of water. But on a whole a mist. A shackle released. What if? What if there is anything at all. Simply look around, it’s there. What if this is it? A shift. This warming, this causation of confusion. A head a boiling. The gelatin boils up. The pot overflows. Grey goo and proteins. Hey hey, DNA.. Awakening, like steam from the brim. Buns in the oven. A witches brew. Cauldron of cackles. Just smile. Chaos reigning until 2022. Fucking retrogrades. Get used to it. Be glad you’re able to see the gap from the old you and now you. A new era dawns. A new morning, yawns. If there is life. If there is hope. If there is you. Are you truly ready for this? Are you still complaining about change? Sit down. Watch and listen.

see | life

There is a microbe across the floor. See, life. Sea, the life of our consciousness. What a world. Standing up for what we believe in. Asking for our souls to be freed. Chains jangle jangle. Keys on the floor. The eye opens:

Tree branches outreaching their roots. That spirit of nerves, connecting to sky and soil.  Far reaching and communicating between themselves. Supporting, taking nourishment from their surroundings and frequency. Mushroom mycelium, our psychic connections. Reaching and communicating, an internet of flavor and talk. These, interlaced with the soil and sky. The sky which is our blood. Keeping our air clean keeps our channels open. Clean soil, clean air. The animals, they are our life forces, our family energies. They are here to observe us as volunteer eyes to our spirits. To protect us, guide us. Their existence is our signal, channel, path. The weather, it is our moods and existence. The clouds, rain, storms. We can cleanse with the like of like. We can charge with the opposing forces. The weather is our gift of shift.  All the answers are within, without.

The spiritual element of awakening. We shower in the morning: we shower to open thine eye. Those who have. Those who, have not. Tapped into the molecule of the ground. Listened beyond the screaming and cries for help. The water of our life. The water of our spirit. The aqua-era. This aqua-aura. This new age. It is, the air of our breath. It becomes everything and nothing. The soul of Aquarius. The era of our spirit that is this, we carry each other. In this small bucket. The tiniest cauldron of life. This pale of our moments. We call it existence. This time that defines us, it is nothing. Gauging, the age of our bodies. And we wonder why we cry. We wonder why we wait or call out the loudest, for true love standing in the pouring rain. No one else is on the other side of the mirror. It just you honey. We know we’re waiting for it. But have we been ready for it? Fall in love with yourself. Thanking the moment for the cleansing each time we shed a tear. The water of life’s intuition and mercy. The water of our consciousness. As we scream and cry together. We all need help. For everyone, for each other. Little webs and lasers from my fingertips. Connecting me, to you:

Releasing the last few grams of the pain and judgment. Knowing each step is a collective jump ahead. Compassion, take action. Live it. We all need a little more love. Everyone else, is us. Our family. Except those dying eyes which deny. A choice of hell. Stay strong and move on. The beauty between us. Humanity as the earth envisioned, embodied. We curse another. We curse ourselves as to judge, as to hate. This affliction of nails on the board. This sharpened tongue. A nail in the temple. The hate, now we wash. For to see, to see. For seeing the future. Foreseeing the future. We need each other. This lesson of life, we live and learn.

A kiss, a sweet kiss. Close yet so very far. Like swinging on a vine. It comes and goes. Ebb and flow. This radical denial of connection. All the gods please help us, we’re so disconnected and finally realizing it. This land we call Earth. Our respect for others. Does it exist?

A cloud in the sky. A large, soft form of light and dust. Carrying a rain filled puddle of clouds. The rain falls. We know the light will come, the light will fade. The moon will rise and sink again. What we have is always lost. But what we’re gaining is so much more. Letting go to prepare for the deeper journey. Stop cursing your temple. Stop hexing your magick.

A witch preparing magic mushrooms.
Within the delicate, formative stages of major departures into the unknown, there is encountered an extraordinary task and lesson that detains you a long while. It becomes self-evident that it is everything that comes before that makes the difference. There must be a fully attuned, magical sensibility to make the future possible. Coming to this requires arduous discipline and elaborate ritual, internal initiation. This becomes such a labyrinth of discipleship and apprenticeship that you wander through the maze discovering everything you ever needed to know. All is played out within. There is no need to make anything happen on the outer. You are assigned to empty yourself out, to strip everything away, to become invisible. And if you excel at your craft, so many ventures and initiatives will be seeded, that this inner planes total mobilization will prove to be more fruitful and productive than any premature thrusts of outer mind, no matter how impressive or seemingly necessary. The entire path lies well within, and needs no surface success to substantiate itself.

From Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale

Sweet, wounded womban. How far into the future can you see? What’s the point if the future isn’t now. Setting goals and expectations of plans. Sitting on the edge of delusion and a triumph. How soon is now? Expanding in order to realize we’re just, poof. It is, what it is. Have a giggle to get by:

Ego blasted to the dark mountain and back. Our doom knows no limits. Our fear therefore, no boundaries. The opposite therein, must be equal. Calling back to 1994. Where are they now? Calling back to 2006. Where are you now? Where were you then. A cycle within a cycle. Things are ending. People dying. Bells are chiming as a reminder. The time, somehow passes. Your contracts never die. 

Rendezvous with the devil. What’s on the table this time. Dinner on us? Dinner on me, says she. Picking up the tab and noticing the edges. Frayed and moldy. Powders of power, on your fingernails. Finely worn away with use. Numbers telling the tale. Fear on the stale breath. Lips, teeth and saliva of shit. Coffer of gold and steel plate. Chalice of steel, plated in bronze. One will wear to shine. One will wear to tarnish. Which shall you be? Enshrine.

Run-deja-vú. What’s on the table this time? Dinner for us. All of us for us all. Jolted from the comfort of static. A buzz. While the old withers away for the new buds to root. A dark, rich rose in mid bloom. Waiting for the moment to burst forth and make her essence known. Intention, ritual. Life is what you make it. Actions and reactions shaping the essence of your existence.



It’s time to take the stinky eggs out of your basket. You know the ones. The hate egg. The complaining egg. The jealous egg. Fill your basket with good eggs. Watch the abundance roll in. With the state of current affairs, all we can do is wish. So wish hard af. This Mercury Rx is all about that positive growth.. and being grateful for all the road bumps that bring it along. When you feel grumpy, laugh. If you feel disappointed, let it go. Life is about gracefully dancing your way home. Stop taking it so seriously. 

P.S. We’re in a 9 year. On Sept 9 we’ll have a triple 9 code. It’s a magickal day for mastering your craft. If you’re a Virgo, or have any inner planets in Virgo (think Venus, Mercury etc) that especially applies to you.

Written August 2016. All rights reserved.

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