Libra Full Moon + Eclipse

Mirror in the lowland. Eclipse flash and how quickly we forget. Begging to wipe specific memories. Standing in line to donate in bulk. Useless hard drives. Old software. Warranties long expired. We need service.

Libra, the greatest altar to the Sun. Seeking balance and restoration with it’s self. The ultimate goal. The truest lesson. Learning to live now. Now.. Now.. Creation magick. Access to all lives and dimensions. The better half, that’s you. The best friend, you. Mirror mirror. You too. You are whole. You’ve already probably done it all. Can’t you remember? Grab a brochure on the way out.

This is the end of the line. Energy bodies with ions of pain memories. Vortex spinning endlessly in rounds and ovals. Loops and dizzying spells of high and low. Each sacred shape. Taking form.

Through my eyes are all my memories. Who am I . Who are you . Define yourself without using societal projections of identity and worth. Truly, define yourself. Altar to the Sun. Seed grown in time. Libra chants for confirmation. Through your eyes I can see myself clearly. Through my eyes, you find your voice.

libra fm.png

Your value isn’t determined by someone else. You aren’t up for debate. You can feel free to exist in the sheer comfort of your own arms. Do what you need to feel safe, nurtured or sitting in love. Understanding deep peace. In a small round couch nook with a gently arched back. Lighten up a bit yeah? May be a smile of self acceptance later. When you feel okay with it.

Nothing you’ve done was a mistake. You are stunning. You are perfect because the cosmos are perfect. Stars don’t miss their mark. Planets don’t go retrograde out of time. Comets fly by in pair. Hello again friends! We’re all here together. Dancing. Ready to let it all in and let it all out. That’s the god experience. Energy in it’s rawest form. A golden altar of light to the Sun. Sitting in center of ourselves. A seed of potential in a fragile frame. Spinning like a constant explosion in the night.

Pagan fire worshippers dancing.
Trance states. At home in psychic realms and other realities. The self abandoned to the tribe–to the sweep of the moment, to the energies that arise. On fire with longing and poignant, bittersweet reflections. A throwback, a native, a primal soul. Emotional, depths-centered, superphysical, you are energized tremendously by special occasions, extraordinary meetings, unexpected miracles and tragedies. Expectant and waiting for something wild and unknown to break through. Mediumistic, vicarious, and charged with a life-force that must be followed out. A certain distinctive fate to be at times disappearing and gone and at other times resurgent and mighty–all depend upon the tides of fortune. And it will always change in unpredictable, exciting, disorienting, and multiple ways.

From Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale


A fine mist crawls over a field of wheat. The cycle. Intuition peaking. Spirits rising. The dead walk. Witnessing every foretelling, vision and dream in real time. Check point. Some of our wounds are last decade’s headlines. They won’t be coming back into style.. Ever. Evacuate! It’s time to let it go. Cleaning out every corner. Bags on bags to recycle. Wiping the piles of rotting bugs and scum. Mold and a fungus that doesn’t heal. Fix it. Clean, dispose, repeat.

Beware vamps and emotional dump trucks.

XxX, C

True liberation. Empty caverns creeping in to be refilled. Universal fuel. Speaking the truth or creating a curse. Be careful. Spell well. Recoil and let the fangs withdrawal. Sucking out the poison. Serpents spinning. Kundalini rising.

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