Pisces Solar Eclipse


Eclipse season has landed. Eyes blazing. That was fast. Wasn’t expecting this. A tidal wave. We should probably keep moving. Baggage at the door. It’s the open road from now on. No more hiding. Paths unfolding. Like glass, shattering in the distance. Scissors like a stabbing pain behind our eyes. EYE opening. A little wider now. Fragile incandescent bulbs zapping in and out. Our brittle skulls. About to burst. Ready to go dark. Tension rising. Tiny crystals start to pop out! Waters edge. Don’t slip. Hands coming to pull you under. Lock your cold toes to the Earth. She’s got you.


Swallowing the vomit. No one needs to know. Next stop, refreshments. Fermented in the crock of eternal bliss. How long we’ve waited. Palo Santo burning. Holy water on your wrists. Whatever helps is what’s best.

Amplified action. Generator spirit. Forging vision of the future. Burn it down to balance it out. Water overwhelming. Rivers cried through pillows. It’s not fucking fair. Short note, cue the tip. Forgiveness takes age/s off the face. Every lover who’s left you wounded. Each disappointing friendship. The toxic family ties. Our doomed and hardened hearts. Sweet lines of love. Tender, puffy sagging skin. Vascular distress. Broken into bits through time and weather. Only we know. Hands that tell the story well. It’s okay to cry. Even if you die inside all year. It’s okay to start over.

Our heads, giant water balloons. Stomaches turning, with a system in burnout. Gears grinding the cogs of our mind. Neck tension beyond belief. Tears, healing, tears, more healing. The cycle on repeat. If 2016 is about anything it’s exactly this. Restarting and starting each day. New horizon. We are reborn. Time to begin again. Oh, and again. Yes, again coming again soon. Oh this theatre near you. Is this real?

White lilies blooming alone in the shade. 
Gifted with deep and subtle qualities that are germinating in the subconscious and coming into their own. Transported into inner worlds in order to dream, imagine, and conceive from a pure place. Disengaged with phenomenal appearances, staying just apart. Much that goes on here stays under, percolates timelessly. A special karma to cultivate the mysteries, to be different, yet no issue. Deep down in there creative forces work unceasingly and design alternatives for the world to partake in, if the world turns that way.

From inside degrees by Ellias Lonsdale

Tapping into the psychic equations that combust never and at once. Alone and surrounded. Pondering the vast questions and choking on the waters of truth. Let it pour from your eyes. The tears of your family and your heart. Now we do feel it all. Now is the time. Make it better. Heal yourself. Love yourself. Take tender care. Your body is a temple. You are eternal. You won’t ever evolve unless you decide to change.

Flooding. Knowing. Empathy that kills. Zombots are real. They walk among us. Tapped in and totally tuned out. Standing apart in disbelief. Mouths agape. Eyes watering from the dust of doubt. What the fuck have we gotten ourselves into?

Secrets are crawling out. Deepest phantom crawlers. Dwellers of the dark. Cavernous beasts of old. Preying. Pray tell. Lost in the light. Echoes of time felt worldwide. We’re blasting into new realms of energy. Masses hypnotized. Zapping alive. Nightmares can be educational. I guess. Overall just exhausting.

We can save ourselves. By forgiveness, we can transform. Butterflies smooched by cupid. Buying into fear no longer. Let your shadow follow. Let the scabs fall where they may. A path laid by decay. The memories of our shed skin trailing in our footsteps. Hello future self. Nice to meet up. Finally.

Holograms. Diving and digging. Deeply we seek. Speak your magic into existence. If you give no energy so you’ll receive nothing. Seeds of laziness will reap dry soil. Programming of doubt will struggle. Expectations of failure, will fail. Magic people. That’s all of you. Hear me please. Stop putting things off. Live your dream. Everything is as it will be. Keep trying and you’ll grow. That’s all you have to do. The universe rewards courage. Can you feel the joy of life returning? Have you pondered, that perhaps your tears are not born of pain? May be we all needed to be scared to death first. May be these are tears of joy. Things will get better. Because they have to. Stop being lazy. Stop making excuses. For us all and for yourself. A little improvement goes a long way.

Children of the night walk onward. Brother of death standing tall. He’s put us all to sleep. The river of forgetfulness flows slowly through the cave. Mists of heavy lead. Fog of many stars. Dreamers, sweet dreamers. Visions of monsters. People in suits. Symbols flashing before our eyes. System overload. 404: Error link not found.

Conjunctions for this Eclipse are huge. If you’re freaking out. Please select three reasons below. Then take my advice and chill out.
Hypno and Psyche in Gemini
Persephone and Vesta in Void Taurus
Lucifer and Regulus at the tail end of Leo
Jupiter and North Node in Virgo
Lilith on the Vertex in Libra
Juno and Isis in Scorpio
Angel and Venus in Aquarius
Mercury and Neptune in Pisces

Sun, Chiron and South Node in Pisces

Trust your heart. Matrix unfolding. Which do you choose? There isn’t a rush. But don’t delay. For a small time. Death may be on our side. Old waves of pain and hidden motivations fade away. Things become clearer. We are baptized now by the cosmos. A kiss to the EYE of light. There is nothing you imagine that isn’t real. Answers are rising. Posed from your oldest questions. The drudgery of sludge and sunken ships just below the surface. Just have a peek. It’s all there.

Creators. Melding the metals of existence. This is our dream collective. This is our dream. Divine. In the canal. This womb of existence. The world will turn without you.

Take heart sweet warriors. Your time has come. You are not alone.

XxX- C

The next Eclipse is Penumbral and comes on March 23rd. With Jupiter in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces until early 2017, these eclipses will help reboot the energy we’re putting into service, healing and spirituality. During this time I recommend Palo Santo for cleansing and grounding. Making crystal grids. Taking time to rest. Making baths. Generally stress is best handled with attention and not booze.


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