Hot water boiling over. The Sun baring in. Dancing fishes with broken bones. Energy restored. Deepest breaths felt rounding the diaphragm. Music or mucus. One may never know. United in blips of fear. Focused solely on changing the channel. This bullshit. This glorious magickal bullshit. Distractions + reaction. The best way to take action. Sunwaters.

Choking back tears as we dream of the future. Neptune standing with the Sun. Blasting our 12th houses collectively. Karmic explosions in each face. Shrapnel shredding our eyes out. Sandpaper on each vertebrae. Alone in the twilight. Standing between the mirror. Worlds collided. Diving deeply inside of ourselves only to see truth. Don’t let disappointment get you down. You are perfect as you are.


Triumphant butterflies. Larva. Pupa. Stages. Stuck, it seems, always in the goo stage. We wait. Transmuting the pain into something greater.. Gooier? Somebody make a margarita.

Alien touchdown. Fucking crazy town. People in panic. Necks are broken. Shoulders worn thin. Crumbling beyond the barriers of shoulder blades. With wings outstretched we cry together. Why when how. But what now.


Dream together. Space held and made better. Brighter tomorrow and for now. Drowning in an ocean of thought. Depth beyond measure. Lives all together. Lived in structured chaos. Neptune and the Sun.

Kiss of death, the Scorpio Moon. Let it die.

Keepers of the cosmic. Step in line.

XxX, C

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