Full Moon in Leo

Wishing everyone a blessed Leo Wolf Full Moon. Set your creator-intentions as high as you can handle. We’re walking this crystal bridge into a new day. Leave the drama behind and embrace the true golden glow of the masterful Leonine spirit!

This Leo Moon is illuminated by the offbeat and radical Aquarian Sun. We’re speaking our truth louder than ever. Healing our past life wounds in order to fulfill our future contracts. The eagle soars as sacred blood rages through our veins. Every morsel of magic our ancestors cultivated. Every ounce of pure love. This long road to nowhere. Connecting at last to our cosmic family. All one song. Unus Versus.

Take today to be blinded by the light. Creative projects are peaking. Clear vision comes through switching orders. Step into the Sun. Let your shadow grow taller as it follows you home.

You are enough. You have enough. You do enough 🌝✨


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