Cosmic Dust

It’s not crazy it’s cosmic

In line with order. Chaos on pause. Snapping out of a never-ending sleep cycle. Rubbing our puffy crusty eyes. Stretching, arms to the heavens. Rooted in the softest sheets. A rose bush. Observing finally, energetic along side solid matter. The dream has come to life. Flashes of did you see that too? It’s all there. The revolving door of spirit world. Peripheral vision carries the key. God is energy.

How poore, how narrow, how impious a measure of God, is this, that he must doe, as thou wouldest doe, if thou wert God.

John Donne, 1624

the neighborhood

Planets strung together today. It’s been ten years. Family reunion. Block party of the upmost levels. Now lining up before the big game. Year of the Fire Monkey |Moon-key| approaches. We are ready for action. Spirited and up for the task. Cosmic center wide open. Our gods, going home. Prophets of the coming era. Ripples of mass awakening. A unified chorus turned up to tidal waves. We rise.

Organizing our gifts for the work ahead. We’re ready to receive even more. Ears on fire. Eyes keenly focused. Cups overflowing. We’re dying of thirst. Parched to the core. A tongue made of sand. Swollen and aching for renewal. The voice of your soul. Be still. Be still and exalt the energy of this Earth.

You have all the power you need if you dare look for it 


Aquarian Sun takes the wheel. Energy is lighter. Visions, clearer. A surface as transparent as glass. Absolute crystalline vision. Seeing through and seeing into. Scrying with atoms of air. Methods exceeding wild expectations. Horses bounding over bridges of faith. Wisdom of old. Built by the trials of our souls. Soured grapes left to rot on the vine. There is no use for illusions anymore. Knock knock knock. Open the door.

 Madness of the mind taken over in the mainstream. Generations of goo. Heaps of verbal and visual garbage. We’re still waiting for it to pass. The death of truth, now greeted by a tidal wave of destruction. Hello! A surge of tapping in. Feelings. Mystic languages. Throat chakras worldwide brimming to burst forth. Messages abounding. Visions as never before. A peace. A knowing. The jig is up.

Speak your words with silence if you cannot say them aloud. Telepathy is real. Real simple. Whisper a soft smile. We recognize each other. With each reverberation of salutations, another family member found. Lines connecting the stars. We little lighthouses. Coming together at last. Walking each other home, as the onslaught of zombies roam the roads. Crippled action. Static form. A particular scent of rigamordous. There’s no need to run. Face the foe and call them by name. Dead EYE at the center of possession. Everyone needs healing. This year of 9 we SEEk to find. Everything in due time. Brick by brick. Mercury in retrograde just a few more days. We wait patiently. Somethings about to give.

unus versus

Deaths of icons. Saturn’s lesson of love. Have faith. It never ends. This long road to nowhere. NOW where? Now is always the time. Mystical, entrancing dance of the sea goat now passing. A vision remembered. You’ve done a great job! Take a breath. Take a salt bath. Horizon ahead. Promise of a new day. Dawning, the light. Cosmic truth. We rage on.

Energetic body memories flashing in and lasting longer. Pains and deaths. Scars of tortured flesh. Shoulders that ache. Backs that are broken. Heads rolling across the floor. Ew. Skulls. Gross. Bubbling through the puddled pool. Mud. Let it in to let it out. Breathing again. God force in and god force out. So is the wheel of life. All at once. All together now. Unus Versus. Karmic pizza flying into our mouths. We’ve been so hungry. Fuel to the flame in our bellies. This is everything we’ve waited for. This is everything we’ve wanted.

Mars stationed in Scorpio. Preparing to travel backwards through time. Power surges of intuition, strength and stamina. We are anxious. But we are not afraid. Truth is revealed as the eye opens ever wider. We’ve said never more ten thousand times. But perhaps this time it’s real.

Well you know, I’ll have to see
if all the stars aligned we could’ve solved the mystery
it’s a partial fantasy
we’re living in a land that went astray from history.

Sitting on the edge of the picket fence of delusion. In denial for centuries. We know what’s up. But we’ve waited so long. Alien on the planet we call home. Seeking for a higher vantage point. Wanting the perfect view so badly. We’re ready to fall from any cliff to obtain it. Pausing for reaction. Our mouths zippered shut. When you stand in correct action, there can be no war. Imbibing your guardians and knowing you have family. Connection to source. The universe is open to everything you are. Because you are everything. Be open to that.

cosmic not crazy

Welcome to the dawning of the new age. You were born for this. Everything you seek is already within you. Arise. The walk with spirit is never ending. Audibly repeating it’s not crazy it’s cosmic. Songs of childhood ringing in our ears. The messages are in line at the station. Are you ready to pick them up and bring them home? The future is up to you.


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