New Moon in Capricorn

Dark Moon in Capricorn. Devil card comes into play. Do what you will. Kicking destructive chains to the curb. Rising renewed. Death to yourself in all the best ways.

As Mercury dusts the broom backwards into Capricorn 29, we’ll travel through the little fox. Oh the Anser. It’s just inside your field of vision. Tall tails are told. Shenanigans about this retrograde should be all fun and games. Keep it light. Play the fox. Be sly. But beware of foolishness.

Foxes represent falsety. Faux pas, a charade. Like faux news network. Full of fallacy. False words. Don’t chase your own tail. If you are steadfast and able to SEE you have nothing to fear.

Carrying out the art you fuel into form of flesh. Tangible reality. Money is on it’s way. Living the dream in order to say My art is actually going mean something. Say it with conviction. Let yourself feel free.

Don’t let go of what you treasure. It belongs to you. A gem, in the eye, of the you-niverse. Share it. Say it. You matter. What you do matters too. Multifaceted in connection. If you follow your excitement you’ll always win.

NM Cap

The tail of the eagle carries the tail of the moon. A cursed scream echoes endlessly. We are the EYE magi nation. Alchemical masters. Travelers of message media. Our lives have meaning.

Churning the curd and whey of our legacy. Golden butter across the bread of life. Eat to live. Scorpion magic and memories of death. We come to balance.

The New Moon’s key word is utilitarian. We choose practical over beautiful. One guided by the doctrine of the greatest happiness for the greatest number. We artists of divine. Keeping humble we create. Eating the torn and ravaged pieces of our long dead lives. Ruler and master. Saturn the mystic. Saturn our father.

Sea dwelling Earth magic. We SEE in crystalline vision. Bridges emoted over the deluge of swamp and bog waters. Dying to try again. The pulling under by ghostly and nimble fingers. Sweat dripping from the brow of the bone. We are already dead.


With nothing to fear, stepping into the darkness. Unknown fates we know so well. From Lead, tin. Gold transmuted from poison by our centers. Centaurs in waiting. Grapes on the vine. Peacocks releasing their call. Our egos must be buried. Shovels, burned.

Venus as Saturn’s escort during this Dark Moon. Lady of mercy and lord of judgment. We’re breaking free. Duality, united. Seeking the truth. Becoming the Genie, the Guru and the Mystic Witch at once. We are everything. We are MAMA earth. Lady Capricorn dances for us. A rare treat.

We are stars, waiting to be born. Action reaction. Melded as metals. We transit each other. Each tune. Each Moon. The golden harmony of love. Prima matter. Matera maturnum. We dine.

Taking time to rest. Grounding energy. Quiet harmony. Activities of artistic nature, well suited. Discuss, but do not brag. Channel, but don’t overshare. Pinpointing your personal magic. Savoring yourself. How delicious.

Warriors of truth. Fighting back the foaming mouths of maddened canines. Jaws aching to kill. We stand firm. Hands outstretched. We don’t even need to engage, to conquer. Welcome shadows. Set them free. The light on the horizon is wide open. Every single door in existence is open to us. We choose our futures. Now laying the foundation, frequency and structure for the entire year.

This first New Moon we organize our plans and desires. Mystical and creative endeavors come beaming into our faces. Make time for what matters. Enjoy every moment.

You set the limits in your life.

XxX- C

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