Mercury Retrograde; It’s Faux Real

Mercury turned retrograde these last 24 hours with an intensity bordering on blinding. We’re in for major shenanigans. Retreating in serpentine fashion. Waling in the air. A trek back, to check in. Centre station Pluto. Sun bursting forth with the light and energy to get us there.

Stationed reverse in the first degree of wild-child sign Aquarius, trickster Mercury is prepping for some deeply resonating karmic lessons. Here on the cusp of Spiritual Work. The realm of creative destroyer. We prepare to be swallowed. Months on end of crazed awareness. Skin on fire. Water boils over.

Absorbing the energy in one huge pregnant pause. A newborn’s cry. The air reeks of an unexplained aroma. Tipping point and turning the bend. Five thousand horses bounding forth. Then come five thousand more. A fox carrying a fat, dead goose. Eagles soaring overhead. We cry aloud for service. We scream into the night for answers. Frustrated and forlorn. Some of us have given up.

Peacock magic. Tears of Isis. A harp plays a tender melody. Our hardened hearts return to gold.

In backwards tango. Lilith comes to the party. Vultures circling overhead. Oh, sweet reversed illusion. Sun in the center point of Capricorn. Our eyes kicking into fire drive. Ongoing Uranus square, just enough additional live wave, to amplify our entire spirit body. Don’t burn up. A standoff of cosmic proportions. We are ready for anything, hopefully. Because now anything could happen.

faux real

Always a time to adjust. To rethink our modality. Our energy, our spirit. Coming up for renewal. Our Karmic credit cards. Taking a deep breath and pausing long enough to listen. Ears buzzing. Shoulders tingling. Crowns ablaze. The signs are everywhere. You are the wheel of life. Spinning ever forward in it’s grand illusion of reality.

Again reminded of our humanity. Our frail, albeit powerful, raw spirit dust. We are everything. Cosmic Aquarian connection. This is the new age. Ready now more than ever. We’ve practically died of impatience. Dealing poorly with impotence, due to intolerance. The words of Crowley. The words of old.

Five of swords promises us, our struggle is legitimate. We’ve reached a personal crisis and stopped to break bread. Honoring our path we recognize that defeat begets renewal. Our realizations born in terror. We are limited. But we are also limitless. Vision is a choice. Failure is too. It’s time to redeem ourselves or forfeit the game.

Open to receiving all the love and abundance we can retain. Put yourself into the mind of your EYE. Venus exalted by Mercury’s song. Classical art. Art as love. Energy in action. Mars at the gates of Scorpio. Our hands quiver. But we are not afraid. Things are about to get radically intense. Clutching our swords, we wait.

What you crave you possess. What you seek you hold. What you need is already here. What you are is gold. Action, action. Time to change. Stepping up. Play the game. Monkey coming. Moon renew. Mercury retrograde asks “who are you?”

Just up the wheel a spell. This cusp of spiritual work. Borderlands of Capricorn and Aquarius. The focused and pensive CEO Sea Goat combine with the spiritual and no-fucks-given Energy giver. So many stars here. Our vision is spotty. But we couldn’t care less.

This retrograde we don’t get word vomit, we get vile regurgitations and spewing venom. Be wary of poisoned bites. Don’t let the haters nab you. Walking now so slowly, dripping bits of flesh with each step. The vultures come to nip it up. Bit after bit. Our skin is renewed. Consciousness reborn. Your mission, acceptance. Take a note from an Aquarius, just do you.

‘In my youth,’ said the sage, as he shook his grey locks, ‘I kept all my limbs very supple. By the use of this ointment — one shilling the box — Allow me to sell you a couple?’

‘You are old,’ said the youth, ‘and your jaws are too weak For anything tougher than suet; Yet you finished the goose, with the bones and the beak — Pray how did you manage to do it?’

‘In my youth,’ said his father, ‘I took to the law, And argued each case with my wife; And the muscular strength, which it gave to my jaw, Has lasted the rest of my life.’

From Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, who was an Aquarius

Last year was hard. Collectively, as Aquarius promotes, we have high hopes for 2016. Now is the season for reflection. Taking a deep breath into the belly of our bodies. Resting for at least a few minutes a day. Letting the mind come into a state of peace before beginning any work. Whatever you do to meditate: walking, sitting, dancing, drawing. Put extra love into it for these next three weeks. In doing so, you’ll be making a deep karmic investment for yourself. However if you invest poorly, your return will be taxing.

Here we find the arrow and the eagle. Words may be used for healing or as poison. Beware of gossip during this retrograde. An arrow to the back is not out of the question. We may receive gifts or favors. Gifts for favors. Feel free to say no. Set boundaries. Stand up for yourself. End abuse. Tear down the walls of judgement. Point the way to truth. Illness abounds. Beware of the phlegm that kills. We’re either going to level up or fall behind. Saturn and Venus show us the way. Good luck.

Climbing further up the mountain. Don’t look back. We’re all mad here.

XxX -C

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