Full Moon in Cancer; Hello, Mother.

A Cancerian Full Moon for Christmas! Ode to joy! Whatever pop and/or religious culture you celebrate.. We’re going home for the holidays with MAMA Moon. Pass the cookie platter. Sounds lovely. All the insecurities from our childhood definitely come with! Time to address it by addressing a letter to your past self. Lets get real.

Mother means to take care of. Nounage or verbiage, regardless of the flavor in your mouth, sweet or bitter. You were grown and born by her. You did ask for this life. All of it. Your contract. Your natal chart. Your choice. Own it! Love can be a hard lesson. 

Whoever mother was. Whoever we are because of it. Those memories project through us. We are everything for a reason. May be you had to fight harder. May be you had to leave, just to be authentic. The struggles are real, for real. It’s best to laugh about it whenever possible. If possible. Kiss yourself, make it better. Just don’t hide your pain in laughter. It’s okay to cry. 

Holy mother Moon. Tears of Isis. We are the eyes of the divine. Sobbing together. Cleansing the pain of 2015 from our delicate and powerful frames. Doing the work that must be done. 


Sit and take peace. The prize you’re meant to receive, depends on what you’re currently going through. That’s what heaven is really about. Golden on demand. Don’t rush. Don’t discount. The pain is the remedy to our suffering. Oh those pearly gates. Milk from the breast of the universe. Mouths open wide. We weep. Wearing the patches of the past. Hades badges of honor. Tokens of memory from our 7 blazing sisters. Venus by our side. We are the Goddess. We are the High Priestess. We are the Magician. We are the Empress. But being everything at once sure isn’t easy. It takes patience. Plus lots of naps. 

The narrow path requires a silent confidence. Knowing the difference between just believing something and living it. Actual, real, no bullshit, faith. Knowing that your walk is correct. Living with real peace. Not real pieces, gathered from others. Knowing what peace means. That’s the holiday spirit. We are the holiday spirits in flesh. Give thanks.

A very old women tending the flowers of the Holy Mother’s shrine.

Fill us with grace. For we are asked to be delicate. Taking our time. Each suckling petal. Paying finite attention to each detail. Tender green buds, left to bloom on the vine. Old leaves returned to the soil of time. Ancient hands, full of wisdom and love, carefully attuning to each stem. Tilling the soil with bear fingers. Slow and steady still wins the race. Working with worms. Rotting matter, begetting new growth. The gift of cycles.

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 3.04.32 AM

The most glorified Moon of 2015. Here we are. 3 degrees across the sky. Magician’s sky code, for infinity. What an amazing gift to receive. What an overwhelming time to be alive. Bear witness. Offer the most valuable present, your best presence. Receiving now, the abundance of the entire cosmos. Opening your whole heart to the infinite love of the center point. You are enough. You alone can relinquish the hunger. So eat up! The buffet is open without a line. Now open to receiving. Asking for help if you need it. You can do everything. But that doesn’t mean you should.

There is strength in being totally open and raw. Be mined from the crags of pain. Swelling open to the forces of mighty energy. Fire, for molding. Earth, for cleansing. Air, for raising up. Water, for polishing. Feel it all. Appreciate the process. Build your world, your art, your entire dance upon the foundation of your toils and troubles. Dancing always, upon the graves of conquered egos.

Marked in ways we can’t imagine. We are daughters of the divine. Holy witches. Honest women. We definitely don’t take shortcuts. Our entire experience is who we are. Cosmic and collective. Living the walk. Completion is key. Authenticity is earned. It’s not a game. Get serous. Full circle or fall off the bandwagon!

hello moth er

Moon in Cancer tells us, nurture our deepest self. Allow the wounds, the pains and the heartbreak to help you. It may sound nutty but it’s absolutely plausible. Possible, too. Mother Moon knows our most sensitive emotions. Those deepest fears rooted firmly behind our breast. Our need for nurturing is vibrant. We are ripe for hugging. We need love. Now more than ever. From the hallowed caverns of our being. Each token, a drop into the cleansing pool. A ripple felt through the galaxy. Singing our chorus within our home environment. Spilling out in waves, social media, interactions. Like tickling a piano’s keys. Testing these new waters. Our secret self. Limber, for all to see. Hello! I hope you’re as weird as me!

Cancer Full Moon

Mother, creator. Giving birth. Giving rise. The best way to exalt yourself is to uplift others. Show them how valuable they really are. Be softer. More authentic. The best gift you can offer the Earth this Yule season is YOU. Accept what you perceive to be flaws. Love every bit and nibble of every inch of your body. Stand in the mirror, send yourself love. You are so beautiful. You are so beautiful. You are so beautiful. Let your light shine. As the brightest stars in the sky. May the EYE magi + nations always find you. Worthy to be worshiped and adored. You are truly amazing. Keep the light on MAMA. We’re all coming home. 

Blessed Eve of the Mother. Goddess of light. Morning and night star. Empress by day. High Priestess by night. The veil of esoteric wisdom. Available for all to see. Holy holy. To all, a good night.

Swoon in the mirror and take a twirl MAMA! This Moon’s for you.


Dedicated to my Mom and all my other mothers with whom I would never be what I am today.


Reposting, citing and sharing from is appreciated and encouraged when directly linked back to it’s source. Work herein, including theories, ideas and content, may not be used, reprinted or otherwise reissued without expressed consent. Rights Reserved. 2015. Don’t be an asshole. 

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