Solstice. The soul’s journey to the light. We are crowned. With victorious joy we turn inward.

Sun sits directly South. This is the longest day of the year. For six months our days have grown shorter as the nights have lengthened. As with all cosmic implications, we’ve spent this time facing our increasingly tall shadow self. Diving head first into the corners of our darkness.

Then you perceive the body of our kingdom
How foul it is; what rank diseases grow,
And with what danger, near the heart of it.

Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Act III, Scene I

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 2.32.47 AM

There has been enormous growth potential in 2015. For many, this was the hardest year to date. Even still, the great valleys also became great peaks. The result, mostly motion sickness! Confusion, anxiety, depression. The end game, we are out of fucks to give. There is no more room for curiosities spent regarding another’s approval.

So, I tell you again. By now you’ve had time to marinate. To resonate. To feel what you need and recycle what you don’t. You are enough. Your mind. Your desires. Your soul’s value. Each subtle step, is determined by you. Everything you are, and ever will be, you already are. You are enough.

Done now, chasing after everything we’ve longed for forever. We realize, we do deserve it all. We don’t need to run after anything. We can make it come to us. Based on our personal conjuring abilities, using our natal charts, plugging key Asteroids. The gift of discovery! Welcome to the light. We’ve totally earned it! Saturn now taking rulership of the SUN for 30 full degrees of Earthy, judgey-bliss. Here we can release guilt and accept our rewards.


Smiling through eternal wounds. Showing kindness in the face of hate. Loving always. We did damn good this year. With faith and assurance. Everything happened as it should have. With no regrets we enter 2016.

Take time today to reflect on your SOULstice journey. Release and absorb the brightest frequencies. 528hz we attune to our crowns.

Now in line, the tropic of Capricorn. The ruler. The SEE(ing)Goat. CEO of the skies. Psychic extraordinaire. He who gives and takes away. Winter has come. Bread in our bellies. Oil on the skin. Sitting deeper. Breathing clearer. Womb in waiting. Birth of the crown. The babe sings. Life, renewed.

We lay to rest our fears and doubts. We sing hymnals to our dearly departed woes. Those worries gnawing away at our throats each night. Flies in the EYE of love. To thine nearly deceased, a light push into death. For now, sorrow we leave. At the grave of 2015. Walking clearly into the forest ahead. 2016 will be our best year yet.

The orb of light and love. Hovering IFO. Smile. Breath in circles. Eyes at the temple center. EYE.SEE. Coming again to center. The white light bathes us. Our crowns falling shores, upon our brows. Furrowed and forlorn. We’ve walked a long path. Now we take time to sit as the Sun rises. Glory to the deities of the SUN! At midnight in New Orleans, the light will return again. But until then, the longest, darkest night.

Black is the colour of womb and tomb; we meet at night on the dark of the moon. White is the colour of bone and ash; to speak to the dead we bathe and fast. Red is the colour of blood and death; we rub the bones and give them breath.

The Necromancer’s Chant, Sarah Anne Lawless

Best wishes on this Solstice. White light upon the brows of all. Crowned our feathers and flora. Our throats gagging with remorse, regrets, rebuttals. It’s time now, for rest. Laying down your head. A nap of sorts is in order. We’ve worked so hard this year. Time to relax. You really do deserve it.

XxX- C

Pull a card or six. Take a message. Change is here. We are ready.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 2.36.23 AM

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