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Thanks for reading. Happy Saturn Day. I would like to invite everyone to support my Astrology work. I’m not asking for money, I’m asking for shares. If you resonate with my articles, quote your favorite bits and share it within your networks. I’m not begging for praise, I’m asking for communication. Weave what you take into your world. That is the balance of receiving freely. I give all that I have for this website. Please carry that kindness forward.
It costs me about $35 a month to run I have never held a fund-drive, sold out to Ads or otherwise compromised the integrity of my work for money. I don’t charge to read complete articles. I don’t hide content and require log-in for access. I post daily, weekly, monthly and yearly forecasts so that people can find peace. Not for a piece. I do this work because it’s important. I keep it FREE so everyone can benefit from it. I do this because I was told to. I do this because I have to.
Please show me that YOU benefit from what I do and spread the love. That is the only payment I need! If you get chills from it, tell someone. If it moves you, I love to hear about it. But I love even more to SEE my work shared for all to benefit from. Repay me with a nuance of effort. Link my website or Facebook page when it speaks to you.
This isn’t just my work, this is my life. I don’t make time to write, I am a writer. I am constantly in my own head, writing and cultivating ideas. In the shower, in the car, on a walk I often run to write things down. This is the outlet that rules my world. I am an Astrologer, with every part of me. With each article there are countless hours of research. The details are finite. Often I stay up overnight, for days just so I can do this. Being a new mom means I have less time to write. I am tired. I do not get paid for this. Support me! Share my work!
On a regular basis people, pages and fauxlosophers read, digest and shit out my words just enough so it’s not plagiarism. Then they repost it in various outlets as their own thoughts or ideas. I’ve even seen copy+paste moves as well. Or a repost described as original content. I’m glad I inspire others.
But if you read, like (or don’t) and then immediately make a status or short blog post with my ideas.. An expression of the exact same thing, if only re-worded slightly, is not your idea. May I remind anyone in the habit, karma returns times three. So I beg you, please don’t steal fro me. You’re are only stealing from your own growth. That is what hurts the most.
Even regularly reposting media or quotes without linking or commenting just sucks. I work hard to find this stuff. I don’t use the top 100 of Goodreads quote pages, lol. If there is something you like share the entire article. Not just a quote or song I used. If you regularly repost to your own website, but never comment on my website, that sucks too. I’m not here to generate your content. Express some gratitude.
So these things said, I don’t care in an ego washed way. I am only hurt that people can be so shallow. I am not seeking to be negative. I feel no anger. I just wanted to bring this to the surface, for all of my amazing readers, who always support me. THANK YOU! 
My own creativity sustains me. I am more than enough. People have always and will always take what they want without working for it. But if you are reading these words, I am asking you to pay it forward.
I am asking YOU to make a difference. Do me a solid this giving season and in Fire Monkey 2016, if you like my work, just share it. Tell your friends about my website and Facebook page. We’re on this walk together. Someone, somewhere out there, needs a message of encouragement. You can start that spun web of connection. You can be the difference.
Yeah there’s a twitter and tumblr too. Thank you. I LOVE YOU ❤
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