Preparing for 2016

Oh, whoa. Whoa there! Serenity now? Indeed! Basically if you are freaking out it’s okay. Everyone else is right now too. Feeling intense? Blame the Scorpio Moon right about now. Otherwise, there’s no listing current events. Step back a moment. Have a glass of water or something. It’s a long December. January too.Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.04.00 PM.pngThere’s really no rush, okay? J|K. Don’t delay! The solar new year is almost here. Then Mercury Rx. Soon following, the Fire Monkey year. If you can’t even keep pace now, you are going to combust. Or may be even explode. No one can say. Fire Monkey is sure to trick your ass. Wise up, already. If the year 8 has taught us anything, it’s how to recognize illusions. We don’t need to be fooled. We are the magician. We control it all. Basically. Just stand back up.

Well, do I worry about achievement? No I worry about a lot of things but I don’t worry about achievement. I worry primarily if there nightclubs in heaven.

Tom Waits, who’s birthday is today, in a 1979 interview. We’re currently in a goat year, as 1979 was.

So, for the last year I’ve stressed letting things go. Cutting the branches. All that. Here we are. The end of the line. Let your world fall into another level. The slopes are slippery. Come back to center. This is the last boarding call. Consider all baggage from this point on formally checked. We’re prepping at minimum for the next three years. If you don’t love IT|THEM (insert other misc. Noun here), then toss it. Let it drop. Otherwise, let it be sewn to your flesh. Your Karma becomes you. Repeat it again? Or repeat it again.

We navigate a maze loaded with mirrors. At each turn, neon colors blinding our view. So much bullshit. We’ve been blinded. oh what a gift. We see now with our EYE. It lasts entire lifetimes. Lasting. Lasted. Last? No way. To infinity. That means, forever. Coffee is on. So you better do your best. Or else next time, you’ll have to remember to start again.

Yes, we’re just so exhausted. But loaded up with gusto. Fueled by our half pony friend and her ruling planet Jupiter. We’re out to perfect our bliss. Polishing the rough spots. Take it easy! Change hurts. We know the truth. Deep down all answers are evident.

Drop the excess weight. You’ve got a journey ahead. This may be the time to invest in yourself. You can’t force your love. You can’t force a helping hand. Sign reads: Mas miles forthcoming. Honor your temple. Honor your journey.

Pupils constricted with stress, eyes puffy with worry. Bogged down by shallow living. Empty words, of which have rung in our ears until they’ve bled. Who can we even trust? The heart always knows. In 2016 just say NO. No more trash. Choose; reduce, reuse or recycle. Or just skip it.

Was this a year for wasted time? Is nothing always for nothing? We learned it and lived it. Lessons accomplished in bulk. On discount. And on the rapid payment plan. All yes. Time waisted, not so much.

People out for gain. We know them well. Now we don’t need to know them at all! It’s not all good. So fix it. bridgesiburn-1

Donation, retraction. Investment, for agenda. Divestment, for purpose. Division, an error. The invoice is due. Fess up. It’s payroll time. Subtraction. Addition. We are the sum of our actions. So behave the way you want yourself to be. Not the way you assume you are. You may be the only person feeling that vibe.

In 2016, we are the company we keep. Here’s a secret, just because you are friends with someone, doesn’t mean you have to be. Frenemies are not worth your time. If your people don’t make you feel supported, set them free. Sag season in action.

At long last, new age dawning. We’ve waited for the neutral ground. Cicadas singing. Palm trees overflowing with dates. Blessings on high. Between the branches we find nectar. Goddess blesses us. Goddess rising. We bless us. We the Sun. We rise again. And with each new day. Hers, and our, time has come.

Doves soaring into the sky. Not quite white, not quite gray. Their wings dappled with overlapping brushstrokes. A rippled oval gradient. Unsure where the next turn lies. Led solely by instinct. Never one to hit their knees. Wings in motion. Peace is real.

This is the worst season for introverts. Forceful plans. There is so much pressure! Regardless of your Hermit status, you may get caught up in waves of excitement. Momentarily promising attendance to X event when really what you meant was may be. Probably no, is more like it. It’s okay to take time to yourself. Read a book. It won’t kill you.giphy-4Shit really needs to be handled. Face your fears. Seek the humor hidden within your troubles. Keep on moving. We’re building. Not sagging. Sag season is relentless! We’re on detox. Sick as hell. Hell is sick. Ready to move forward, but first- Healing! Get with it.




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