December Cosmic Outlook

What a year this has been. Big questions remain. But oh the lessons we’ve learned. Our wings are sore and tired. Dirty and forlorn we have continued forward. Our heads pounding in one collective consciousness. We’re so thirsty. No amount of water, sleep or smiles has cured our woes. Now, migraines. Crowns exploding. Heads expanding. When will it all end! Okay, sorry, never. Love your headache.

Long live those that wear the crown. That’s us now. 12049223_987104271350632_1010491438648064193_n

What have you learned this year? Gifts retracted. Friends, reacted. Frenemies with masks, revealed. Explore the reasoning. You trust. You need to depend. To feel connection. What are you waiting for? If you seek it in others, it’s available unto you, through you. All you have to do is do something.

Cultivate your attention for creativity. There you will find the answers to your questions. Because the question does not need to be found it’s answer. The question needs to be asked from a different mountain top. Relax your worried mind. Do things really matter? Cut it loose. Get crafty. Paint, draw or doodle something. It’s likely been too long.

A question is a construct of a problem. You created this problem, so you would be forced to work it out. Now see it for what it is. Add a twist of humor and there you have the solution. Patterns are simple. It is itself.

This is the key of Chiron, wounded healer. Still lingering in mid Pisces. He’s waiting for us to realize we carry it all, in the best and worst possible ways. It’s time to sort that baggage. Dig deeper. Healing is here. An ongoing opposition to Jupiter in Virgo draws out the illness. Find your basic motivational fears and bring them to light. Erasers in hand. Practice with a pencil and get to work. Healing takes time. The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll feel better. We have all next year to get it done.

There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.
C.G. Jung

Dragging our feet in exhaustion. Puttered just barely into the end of 2015. Poured into the water well. What happened this year? What happened to this year? A gradient shift. Polarization long ended, we carry on. Simultaneous. Outer planetary music. Ripples from the first waves of rights. A note in time. We took that note. Hum. Aum.

Spirits walking the Earth. Beyond Halloween, the veil remains thin. Things are leaking into the mainstream. Ancient knowledge is being revealed. Great secrets will soon blast information long kept in the dark. The sacred feminine is returning. The queen is rising. MAMA is home! and she’s hungry!Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 1.27.39 PMRinging ears. Enthusiasm that borders on exhaustion. December is going to be tough. Don’t over do it. Don’t over commit. The Sag New Moon wants you to actively rest. Sleep or no sleep. With those beautifully soft puffy eyes, focus on the inner vision. Use your EYE to see. Hellen Keller had some brilliantly insightful things to say. This is the time to dig deep. So spend time in your depths. Avoid shallow living.

The ocean is incapable of burning away that which it does not like. It cannot cast away its torment on a violent wind, fling the bits of its distress off in a mad twisting storm. It cannot feign indifference and disperse its sad scintilla into nothingness, take off on a breeze to the stars far, far beyond and forget the pains of old. Its predicaments stay hidden deep in its black chasms, in regions denser and more permanent than memory. The ocean buries — only knows how to let sink the broken ships, hold in its depths the final gasps of sailors lost in storms — their screams and cries and last uttered words — carry each drifting piece fallen at its core as a pulsing mnemonic of something undying. To resurface these would no doubt require the most vicious, savage upheaval.

Psychic Jay Victoria

Number 9 rules our world until late month when Saturn sweeps in and takes stern control. Learn your lessons now. It is imperative for survival. Mercury retrograde hits us the first week of 2016. Welcome to the year of the nine. Hermit card and his lantern are a light unto our path. Our feet, holy vessels. Taking us along for the ride. Touch them. Nurture them. Ever tired on this endless walk of lives. Shuffling on and on forever it seemed. We’re flying now, to avoid any more tedious foot travel. Magic carpets, anyone? lacroixhermit

Prep for 2016: Major Arcana number 9. The hermit creeps in during the night. Whispering lessons. Saturn at the dawn of the new age. Aquarius. Magickal 11’s dancing everywhere. We are so brilliantly connected. From our DNA outward. It’s literally happening in the news right now. This is the Age of Aquarius.

Calm Hermit leads us over the bridge. He chose the higher life of wisdom on the hills to the lower high life of social torment. Transition is here. The divine goddess has been awakened. MAMA isn’t happy. Behind the Hermit lies the entire capsule of wisdom belonging to the High Priestess. Could this be the tomb Nefertiti ? It is about to be discovered. Very in sync with number 9. Hidden wisdom. No one can stop it now.giphy

As we say by three times three, so mote it be. So does the number 9. Ever circling itself in sheer magical delight. 2016 is going to be something extraordinary.

Lessons of the Hermit: Behave with mental maturity. Retreating from the sickened masses. Solstice, for solstice. Seek inner vision. Take time to focus inward this holiday season. If you’ve been lonely, change it. Another perspective from a different mountain’s peak. Retune to attune.

Now we are in full Centaur season. Triggering themes for the solar new year. Our sick selves. Keep the arrow pointed away from faces. You may shoot your eye out! Happy holidays. Best stay home this year. Read something illuminating. Enjoy the madness from your couch. With pizza.

Time alone is time with divine. You are divine. Take communion and time to sit with your divine self. With loftiness of the middle sky you ride a magic carpet into your new kingdom. We’re all here together, akin to the fact that things are changing.12289467_1658595984426394_7870103839219349277_n

New generations are rising. A bridge to the age of Aquarius. MTV is about to name the Pluto Sagittarius Generation. Their winning choice? The Founders. Founders of what? These kids voted for this name. Founders of the new age. They know it. The Age is here. The founders are ready!

Lets go back home together! Happy December.


We are, claiming space. Dark matter imploded. The black hole consuming a star. Spinning out of control for centuries. Now, coming back to center. Lives layered over lives enveloping our single body of flesh and bones. Cosmic spaceships, we long for lessons. We long for love. We crave structure. We need connection. MAMA, hold us tight. It’s been a long ride.

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