Gemini Full Moon

A cosmic circle within the eye of the Universe. Humanity. Merely germs within cells. Some assassins and some healers. All of us held within this kinetic environment. What is the status? Static or dynamic? Are you in motion? The wheel is moving, with or without you. Within and without you. Pay attention. Spotlight on.

We’ve definitely enjoyed the ride. Learning to be human has sure been a wild experience. But most of us are ready to get home. Hermes bringing our messages one by one. They wear winged sneakers. Whispers in the wind. Neutral players. Angels. Flickers and nuances passing in silence. They offer up keys to the kingdom. We want it so badly. Ever chasing the goal. Missing it each time.

Hermes. Mercury. Those under the employment therein. They speak in numbers, media, plants, beasts and electricity. Messages intwined in bits of paper, passing conversations, run-in’s and your slot machine of news feed updates. The finite language of the universe. It could not be more clear for you to see. Yes, everything matters. Everything is matter. The questions are your answers. Patterns are all around you. Calling our your name. Talk back! But be careful!

Since 2013 we’ve been in a state of transformation. Now arising, awakening. Messages mass receiving. Love is all there is. Fax machine on overload. Kundalini energy, our highest selves. Climbing the selenite stairway to heaven. Taking the furthest route. Distance in time. Synchronicity as mainstay. Fuel in our kindled fire. Rising from ashes of desire. Ages of peril. Renewing our voice. Reclaiming our sacred space. Healing four century old festering wounds. Light of love. Philosophers stone. Full circle come we.

Gentle smiles in the broken eyes of the world. Each passer by ignores her. Show others how to be gentle. Communicate your magick. The world needs your voice.

Herein lies the true and obvious mystery and magick of life. To truly be present in each moment. Ready for the mystery, communications and energy from our cosmic source. Clues to each step are freely given. Act with faith. More cards will come.

Acknowledge that the limitations in your life are set by you. There is no reason to give them rulership. The more disillusions on the platter the easier it is to eat. The pain fades behind another shadow and another and another. Portion control. Don’t stuff your throat so full you can’t get a word out. Leave some illusion for desert and toss the rest. Nothing here is real to us. We know it. We fight to overcome.

Eye through a lens. What we see, is what we get. Blinded with indoctrination. Zombies prowling the Earth. Save us! Shrieks in a cave. Trapped again and again. Choosing still the same cycles for the sake of familiarity. Advocation of hate. Invocation of war. Mania for money. Token of chaos, destroyer. You must be bothered to change. Stepping away from what is useless. Showing up for life and acknowledging your own perplexing existence. Most people are just as lost as you feel. It’s okay. You’re going to be fine! Laughter lightens the mood. Do something you find liberating. I bet it’s been a while.

A snake glides across the earth. Belly in motion. Eye on the prize. Its scales, a balance. It’s balance, the tonal frequency of it’s world. Heat sensing. Forked tongue tickling the perimeters. Sensing every upcoming step. Our highest self, radar.

Matter of fact. Fact of the matter. What good does change do unless we shatter?

Pain is waiting to be released. Keeping it so dutifully trapped inside of ourselves. We rarely realize it’s there. Sagging from the weight we have dragged on. Now is the time for mental expansion. Work your magick to achieve structure and balance. Little do we know. Nothing more now than when we first began. We dream and wait patiently. Babies on the Earth of time.

We’ve been raised by wolves. Sickened with madness. Driven to desire, destructive amulets of power. Now shrouded in a potent passion for change; we have broken the shell. With elaborately specific intention we spell. Out comes the future. Everything entailed. We’re here! Make it possible. Radical mobilization. Institutions of new nations. One flag under love. Made with liberty and actual justice, for all.

Lifetimes past now present. Unborn time. A horizon line. Creating a path previously, to follow it home. Ever walking step by step. Bridge of humanity. Linked to divine.

gem full moon.png

A dense thicket of brambles surrounding a magic castle.
Externals, obstacles, postponements absorb your mind. Forefront affairs fascinate and divert, semblances entice. Yet the one who goes for all of this is one dimension of selfhood. Another dimension is waiting in a perfectly intact place of undiminished life-force. A third dimension mediates between these two, keeps self and world guessing, off-balance. Juggling, dissembling, playing, pretending. Being so many things at once that it is impossible to think about. You are cast loose in a mythic landscape wandering forever, yet always right there doing just what needs to be done and disarming all expectations, including your own.

Clouds overhead seen in a reflecting pool.
Enlightenment rarely comes by pursuing straight lines, by following predictable tracks. If you wish to find the secrets to the mysteries, you must give yourself over completely to the flux and to the ferment, and allow the winds of destiny to prevail entirely. This immediate sense world casts a very different glow than the heavens ever could. By identifying yourself with each shifting nuance, every flicker of instantaneous movement, you find the inner worlds way to waking up here in this Earth. But this journey is a perilous one, for you become awash in so many far-flung spheres, and there is no map and there are no shortcuts. You must somehow see right through your own most addictive and compulsive impulses, and ride the wild waves homeward through sheer presence of mind and gut conviction that everywhere leads to the same place. And that if you find yourself cast into any corner of fate it is the one perfect place to get home free within, if you can hang on and let go and never lose your sense of humor.

From Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale

Gemini Full Moon

We are being called to integrate the energies on Earth at this time. Extreme polarities in Masculine and Feminine energy have long existed. Love as our transmutation device, we seek to unite. For together in love we can never lose. We will save ourselves.

Gemini Moon says to play games. SPELLS! For the Sync.

Hermes we call you.

Sit down, come through.

Now you see me, now you don’t.

Thought you knew me, hold the phone.

Illusion is real. I-magi-nation, I spell.

Energy within and energy without.

Fully charged + removal of doubt.

Duality of nature I behold

Fusion, I am gold.

Honor the messages and pass them along

Share this spell, a simple song.

So mote it be

by three

times three

times three.

Hear us, Mercury.


A palm tree circles itself up through it’s shafted trunk. Spiraled into itself it climbs into the higher realms. As it’s peak a fruit is borne. Vast leaves from the crown and glory. The highest feminine energy. Balance of the masculine shaft and feminine womb. The palm tree serves to harmonize energy. It’s fruits, dates. Delights to the dead. Bringing the masculine ego into perfect order with feminine creation. Life into death. Souls returning to center. Warriors welcomed home. Necromancers rising up to meet undead. Wisdom yet to be learned.

Ever chasing after what’s missing, we find ourselves suddenly whole. Leaning slightly forward, with a realization on repeat. We were chasing after what we needed in ourselves. Integrating the magick of our environment to utilize it for our own fertility and growth. On a larger scale, for the benefit of the whole of consciousness. We’ve been long separated. Coming together, we will save each other.

Neutrality. It’s a beautiful stance to take. All of us on the same playing field. Together, in this game of life.



God stands on the corner asking for change. Not the round metal kind. The actual alchemical kind. The kind of change that requires energy and action. Guru Jesus said as you do unto the least of these you have done unto me. Suffice to say, no body is better than anyone else. We all deserve our humanity.


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