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Scorpio Power Suit vs Cancerian Sweat Suit



Saul Canelo Alvarez, natal Cancerian, won the middleweight world title fight last night. His opponent, defending title holder, Miguel Cotto, a Scorpio. Both men, passionate water signs seeking to bring pride home to their respective countries. Canelo with his pale skin and delicate touch represented his Sun sign Cancer. Cotto, a tattooed and focused Scorpio brought a fury.

The fight was a highly passionate dance between two determined water signs. Canelo, a July 18th Horse and Cotto, an October 29th Monkey, were in the ring for millions of dollars. In the end Canelo, who’s reach and might surpassed the defending Scorpio champion.

Canelo’s sensitive Cancerian skin showed signs of stress early. While the intense Miguel never lost control. In the end Cancerian Canelo won with an emotional unanamous decision.

Canelo’s natal Taurus Moon and Mars provided his longevity and determination. While his Mercury in Leo and Venus in Gemini kept his opponent fighting harder than ever. With the fixed triplicity of his Moon, Mars and Mercury he was the crowd favorite.

While Cotto with his Cancer Moon, Mercury in Scorpio and Venus in Virgo was a perfectionist with each punch. His mysterious and determined energy kept him powering through. While his Mars in Sagittarius worked hard for the win.

In the end both oponents showed courage and ideal sportsmanship. Touted as one of the biggest sports events of the year, we witnessed two steadfast men squaring off. Once Canelo was determined the unanamous winner he began to cry. A sure sign of a triumphet Cancerian! While Cotto’s reaction to losing was to become pensive, highly intense and purse lipped. A true Scorpio ego blow.

There is no doubt Cotto expected to take the win. In the first round you could feel his fury! Predictabiliy; Scorpio Sun ending proved to drain his power. His vitality was weaker than he initially expected leaving him suprised and off guard.

 This match of determination and willpower was a prime example of the Cancerian vs Scorpionic operation systems. Even these men’s styles gave way to their signs. Scorpio power suit vs Cancerian comfort hoodie! Ha!








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