Death, sweet death

It’s time to let go. Today Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron, who is still opposing Jupiter in Virgo. Mercury dances into the void with the Sun in the last critical degrees of Scorpio. It’s almost Sagittarius season. We rush to assimilate the lessons learned under Scorpio’s rule. Sagittarius does not wait. Lighten the load. Sometimes things need to die. Occasionally it’s people. Other times it’s behaviors. Karmic skin shedding.

Programming. We’re so self loathing and hateful. How can we expect others to love us? We’re so busy judging everything down to each exacting detail. Demanding and leaving little room for error. Internalized or externalized. Depends on our fixations, lunation and current emotional station. giphy-53

Isn’t it time for change? Don’t you feel your skeleton aching from carrying the load? Even our teeth hurt. The entire ocean bears down on us. You can choose to breathe underwater. There’s no need to hold out, waiting for heaven. We’re at the gates.

Neptune has stationed direct. Pluto direct last month. We are finally exiting the hell we created three years ago. We can’t be too hard on ourselves for our choices. Lessons learned.

Golden light flushes our face.

 We breath for the first time in years.

Let it go.

Die to control.

Dying to control?

Choices, choices.

One day soon we’ll find ourselves over the edge and finally free. So what’s the hold up? Saturn in Sagittarius is making us wait. Bastard! So, what’s really wrong? Lifetimes of karma on repeat. Note the pattern, edit edit. Nothing changes unless you do. Just die already!

It is said of the body, upon dying, that it first experiences decay in the cells of the brain, that the heart — having stopped beating — freezes indefinitely, and no oxygen is sent from it to the organs: brain cells die within minutes, the pancreas eats itself in a mad enzymatic frenzy, and the capillaries drain within hours. All of this occurs swiftly, and painlessly, when the heart stops. Still, I feel as though this macabre process, if ever it could be symbolic, has begun long ago somewhere inside of me. My heart, stiffened — the rigor mortis; internal chill, bereft of warmth — the algor mortis; a great swarm of insects buzzing around me, eating away at my mind.

Spirit Decay, Psychic Jay Victoria

We are human. But we’ve lost our humanity. Hearts stiffened by rigor mortis. Social media as the pulse of our times. Change is tracing our footsteps. Dust from our toes. We should turn around and face it. Our sweet illusion. Restriction. Broken chains clanking together in the Sun. We are free.giphy-51

A peaceful child on a narrow ledge that overlooks a precipice.
Fate has set the pattern. You are held fast by fate. Yet inwardly you are so deeply and fundamentally free that you are actually submitting to your fate from a true and pure place. The situation you pull in is outwardly severe. You are a vast being trapped in a tiny form, and you cannot really go anywhere or do anything to change this. Instead you are released by your outward bondage to dream, to remember, to envision, and to make cosmic connections. The inner life is boundlessly rich. The outer life is starkly poor. But you live within, make good on the past, cleanse and open and know that nothing is as it seems and form is tissue thin.

From Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale

Dive in all the way. Focus on your spiritual life. Candles and homemade holy waters are extremely useful right now. Sweep the floor. Imagine your worries so small. Dust into the pan. What’s the problem? Really?

There’s a big full moon on November 25th. Gemini plays games. Prepare. The lunatics will walk the earth bearing light. Shadows and fire. Masks and toys. Be smart.

Gratefully drink the poison. Dying to be reborn. We are healed. Lifetimes of service full circle. Our sick selves. Our stiff hearts. We are coming back to life. Frozen from years of pain. A macabre process. Regeneration.

Shake those wings out a little bit.



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