The Golden Harmony: Aurea Mediocritas

It’s almost the end of Scorpio season. Time to analyze. A major cycle has ended. The next phase has begun.

At the culmination of chaos there is always a pause. Just as at the end of every trial comes conclusion and from calamity peace ensues. With the cycle wrapping up, death having struck, life rises anew.

Psychic Jay Victoria

See the truth. It is setting us free. Love is the only thing worth fighting for now. Love is all that remains. The material world is over. Out of balance. Off sync. Loving things instead of people is misguided. Misalignment. Calling the cosmic chiropractor. Ding Ding.

Decisions, dilemmas. What you will serve? What will you feed? Ego or Greed? Material Focus vs Energetic EYE. Silence howls the loudest. Choices choices. Pins drop. Wolves circling the camp. Devoured.

Shrouded in nonspiritual materials while attempting to levitate. Puddled in shame. Failure. A lick of paint. A touch of leaf. Fauxlosophy. Ideally opting. Generations of true gold. Gilded. The light of love. Buzzing online. Waiting for our time. Psychic centers.

Hundreds of years upon Earth. Still, rotting, wasted energies for material gains. The illusion. Choosing power over people. Kings and Masters. Madness. Anger sprouts. Hate breeds. On an evening walk. Our needs. We seek to cure the sickness. Night, falls hard. The king is dead.

Mars rising. Fire for vision. Fire of creation. Looking to Venus. Bright morning star. The remedy. Bread in the belly of life. We digest. Healing the scars of the past. Traces of wounds long forgotten. Uncomfortably revealing. Reliving these lives. Licking a laceration in time. Disgusted.


We’ve got the golden ticket! The key of Seven Sisters. Each possessing a token we’ve begged for. We mere mortals. Living forever. This beautiful life. Love heals us all. Matter, undermined. Mind, above all. We know the heart of the matter.

Changing the station.

Rewriting the tune.

Attaching all fear to the furthest balloon. 

You can make prophecies. We hold the pen. You are free to manifest miracles in your own life. We can heal from our many lives of pain. There is no more hiding. The visions you have were real. The chills, coincidences, feelings and hunches you have are 100% you. They are not outside of you. Listen to yourself more. Step up and level up. The words you choose. Spot on. Love who you are. Let your love shine. Lighthouses are we.giphy-45Someone will always try to extinguish your joy. Refire. Reboot. Lead with the light of love. We are radical reLOVEution.

Those who are saved by the light of the mystery which I have revealed unto you, O Hermes, and which I now bid you to establish among men, shall return again to the Father who dwelleth in the White Light, and shall deliver themselves up to the Light and shall be absorbed into the Light, and in the Light they shall become Powers in god. This is the Way of Good and is revealed only to them that have wisdom.

Thoth Hermes Trismegistus

Syncing is key. The Earth is on fire. We now begin a new cycle. 11:11 Ascension. We climb. Man-us with us. Look for helping hands.

Shining light upon the face of sickness. Now in full sight. Face to face standing. Every crack, wrinkle and grin. Gazing. We asked for it. We got it. A whole new world. A desire to drive out hate. Action, reaction. Here we are. Phase two. Raging fire. Explosions within. Explosions without. We envision a new dream. Memories bubbling like lava. A dragon walks with us. Friend and foe. We come to terms with ourselves. tumblr_n7abyby3mS1rauo0fo1_500A golden white light. Bombs of mustard gas blasting our faces. We go blind. No words. No breath. Silent as death. We see clearly for the first time. We awaken only to realize we’ve operated with incorrect sight. Cut it out, enhance the flavor. Hearing every nuance. Reverberation. Rekindled.

Genus; Alyssum. Oh Alysson. Of the noble kind. Alice.SUN looking glass. How little we are. How massive we stand. We are the cure for worldwide delusion. Madness. A martial rage. Fury. Anger. Hate. On cycle. Enough. Like Ergot. A nightmare. Save us, patron Saint of Paris. St. Genevieve. City of LOVE. Under siege. We reclaim our hearts. We demand world peace.

The choice of money over love. Sickness of our times. Rise up with dawn. Awaken the SUN king. Jupiter cries out. We hunt. Hungry for more. In packs. Black wolves. We’re after our prey. Pray for them. The secret hoarders. Those evil warlocks below ground. Dig them up. Worms in the SUN. Your time has come.

If you live among wolves you have to act like a wolf.

Nikita Khrushchev

nothingisreal Roots reaching. Gold, gilded. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

Madness is mainstream. Reversed. True nature, polarized. Grounded. Disconnected. Trusting in money over love. Those of little faith. Open your EYE. Creation + Imagination is the future. The future is NOW.

A doctor experimenting on himself with new drugs.
The analytical disposition carried to its furthest extreme. Life itself is barely valued. Individual survival is no issue. What counts is the truth, but sometimes it is a strange truth. A little bit too skeletal and stark and surreal to be a basis for ongoing life. In touch with dark truths, and at times abandoned to the power of death currents of a negative kind. Magnetically attracted to decadent thinking and distorted worlds. Supercharged with an almost random desire to find out what is in there. Clinical, quasi-objective, and piercing. You feel a great need to wake up out of the trance of fate and of darkness to learn to feel again, to have things matter, to have life prevail, and to return to yourself as a sentient being who deserves to be here free and clear.

From Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale12243475_1668711796706069_4403226492121501960_n

Transmutation con time. Our repeated deaths. Rocky streets all the same. But a name change.

The avenue, Rue de la course. Enveloped in secrets. The shape runs, a cross.

Arise, SUN. We are ready.

Four points. Compass in hand. We stand steady.

The light on our face. The wind in our wings. We’ve grown wary of these frivolous things.

Chaos non order. Bombs and harsh borders. Shut out from the world, we are missing the mortar.

Light of love. Love of light.

Bring us a world of sheer delight.

Removal of blight.

No fear in sight.

From our hearts and our SUNS we send out white light.


Ungrounded. Disconnected. Reversed. History on loop. Lets break the cycle. Radical intervention. We must stop repeating our mistakes. Offering healing for the Ancestors. Scares fade away. Honoring our lineage. Remembering sacred spirituality. Engaging with Spirits. Communicating with mind. Turn off and listen to the frequencies around you. The truth whispers. Your DNA knows. You are the cosmos embodied. We are everything.

Called to align.

The one and the seven.

Stepping in time. Ancient as rhyme.

Driven by something we cannot define.

XxX- C

Can you deny, there’s nothing greater
Nothing more than the traveling hands of time?


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