Kiss the Darkness

Sun and Mercury dancing in Scorpio for the next few of days. Scorpio New Moon has passed. The scene is tricky. Things aren’t as they seem. Dark magick dwells here. We’re led to believe things.  Hidden, shrouded ways. Reminded again. Missing the mark. Restart.

SINS! Scorpio knows; Saint or a Sinner. Veils are thinner. See the theatre. Order a drink. Sit back, way back. Observing from a distance the charades. 

Drama plays out. We dance ever forward. Magick in hand. Love as magick. Magick is love. The world is changing. We’re using our insight to operate. Love as a weapon.

Love or money? Money or love? Choices, choices. Always love. Love never fails. Love always wins. The jig is up.
giphyDarkness prowls. Our shadow screams. The world stands detached. Heavy, damp, alone. Our psyche. The darkness. Undiscovered territory. Generally denied. Shameful.

We are shadow and light. We are duality. We are everything within the cosmos in form and matter. Now streaming live in HD, our dream.

We walk with stardust trailing our toes. A balloon of consciousness tied to a string, held in our feeble fingers. We are so small. Yet, we are everything.

How great Thou Art

During the time of the Scorpio Sun we reflect within our shady spots. Forced to face the poison and transmute it into the remedy for our lifetimes of pain.

Darkness is the light. Light, is the darkness. The deepest need for each other. Beware. Be wary. Faux-losophy abounds.

Think. Feel. Don’t open yourself to everything. Do you pray? Are preyed upon? You are only protected if you protect yourself. Set a fortress of boundaries or get lost trying. Be specific. Never give your power away. You are the storm. You don’t need permission to move mountains.

Craft your brew. Set your intentions. Control your universe. The time is always, now.kissthedarknessyellowWe are duality. Light traveling, from ninety three million miles, to kiss our tiny toes. We strip it from existence with shadow. Outstretched, elongated, exaggerated, the darkness. We cover the Earth.

With light’s projection over us, we become void. We are the night and the day. The Sun, Moon and every star. There is no truth in only light. There is no life in shadowed darkness.

Deepest reaching, our shadowy, fragile roots. Everything we are for all of time.

Never more conscious than before we die. Scorpio is the power struggle within. Scorpio is the power struggle without.

The struggle is real. 12219492_923162461095447_8854061901103007486_n

A serpent wrapped around an immense egg.
Bearing deeply an entirely different future for yourself and everybody. Condemned to hold this off, preserve it, keep it warmed through, not break into it until the signal is given. This is a punishing ordeal, for you know inside a different kind of reality and bear it directly within. But still you must live as if without it. This eventuates in a barren world, an outwardly determined existence in which things must be endured just about forever. You are testing yourself, making sure that you are worthy to bear your great treasure across the abyss. Do you have the forces to be steady, implacable, sound and reliable, and not turn negative and become the resentful martyr? Do you know how to do the right thing even when you do not quite feel it inside? Deep at the core of your being incredible things are completely and utterly alive. And they will come through when you have fully overcome the old karmas and shown yourself to be strong, clear, and true, even in a divided world that is past-fixated and at the end of its cycle, hanging on a bit too long.

A rug woven out of rags.
You take everything you experience in all its roughage, just as it is. And you form a vessel that is hardy and strong and enduring and you put all of yourself into it, you leave nothing out. With fervor and intent, you put in there all the darkness and every difficult emotion you have got. For you are the quintessential example of what it has been like around here and how it feels. The collective karmas choose carefully those who can merge with what everybody is going through and by sheer guts take it further, perhaps toward mutational breakthrough. To qualify, you have to grind yourself to bits with rude honesty, even at your own expense. Because this is how it is, no shortcuts, no easy answers. Emotionally, this is the depth experience at its most intense. But there is an evolutionary drive of overwhelming power pushing you through the worst. And along this pathway you will definitely find out what you are made of and what has been stopping everybody and whether you have it in you to start things off again in a different direction in the Earth crucible, with no place to hide.

From Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale


Old betrayals come to light.

We may choose to take flight.

Using our magick and keen insight.

Protection from blight. Karmic issues that smite.

History repeats.

We’re still so right.

Never quite reaching the goal.

Enshrined at night.

A light that is white.

Someone lost sight.

Creating a fright. Chaos and spite. Oh what plight.

Everything will be alright.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.34.38 AM

Wave your hands around. Get your energy going.

Feel the kinetics within each cell. Sit down for a spell.

Wipe your eyes. Illusions dissolve.

We have more problems than we can solve.

With the power of love, unite.

Captain planet had it right!

Our elements combine. Before things fall apart.

The greatest of them, heart.

Rebirth. Push a love button for the restart.


Scorpio season, how great thou art.


Don’t feed the fears.


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