November Cosmic Outlook

Pause to restore this month. Your world will wait. Build yourself up to prevent grinding to a halt. Pay attention to your diet. Take care to eat light and eat right. Imbalance is easy to come by if you ease into overload.

Our insight is keen with Mercury in Scorpio. We can read between the lines. Stay positive! Don’t return to doubt. Stand in the light. Bask in your own glory. You are divine exactly as you are! You are perfect. Beware a spiral of disrespectful speech. You are MAMA! You are magick! Respect yourself!giphy-17

Stand a little taller. Feel a little freer.

Your skin is your spacesuit. Your skull is your crown.

We’re injected into this world to turn it upside down.

Your nerves, antennas. Your heart, your soul.

Respond with wisdom. You are whole.


We are inseparable together. Like mycelium, extended. The strongest fibers. The fastest network. A rapid response. Interlocked, interwoven. We are not in the world to be changed. We are here to change the world. Working together, a concert of love.

Taking time. The Ant and the Bee.

Preparing for Winter. giphy-31For the next two weeks Guru Jupiter stands in opposition to healer Chiron. Those stubborn ideas you’ve held onto. The doubts you have about success. Those nails driven into your psyche ages ago. The ones that dashed your self worth. Can you say it out loud? Those are so use-less. Use them less. In fact, try to stop using them, ever. giphy-36It’s up to you to grant forgiveness. From the deepest parts of your broken heart, let it all drop off. Fall backwards into the void of love and let it fade away. Transforming yourself into the cosmic, endless vessel to be filled. There is no limit to your love.

Karmic checkpoint stole your baggage and put it on a raft cruising into the sun set. The deepest cosmic water is transforming our burdens with healing energy. Enshrining them within the womb of MAMA Earth. All pain needs to be healed. All spirits deserve freedom. From our deepest reaching roots, we cleanse our souls in preparation for expansion. Arms into the air. Excess baggage no longer fits onboard. Unload. JUMP!giphy-23

Hand over your oldest fears, slough off your oldest scabs, shed your most secret shadows and check that dark baggage forever. Surrender to the light when the sky is dark. Lighten up, to brighten up.
Take a note from nature. Raw, pure, endless cycles within cycles. We too ebb and flow.

Trees lose their leaves. Keeping in balance, we create. Preparing to wait for Spring. Stemmed from a spark and a flame. A moment of consciousness. Repeated. On loop. The work is the ritual. We do what we do. Nothing more and nothing less.

Just as no thing or organism exists on its own, it does not act on its own. Furthermore, every organism is a process: thus the organism is not other than its actions. To put it clumsily: it is what it does. Alan Watts

nove outlook

The play, November. Always we seek to remember. Where we’re going and who we are. Where we’ve been both fears and scars. Other lives and other stories. Oh sweet life. We’re owed the glory. It’s never been quite so adoring, to live a life that’s simply soaring.

Entranced and on repeat. intense energy washes over us in waves of blinding focus. Much like a mushroom’s simple song, the vibration rises. In color, boundless ethereal color, we gaze ahead. Memorized by the horizon. Cast in the glow of our own light. We are the womb of the world.

XxX- C

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