Venus + Mars in Virgo

The Masculine and Feminine meet to tango. Tango, they shall. A dance within doorways, ever open to exploring collective fate. Oh just a hint of snide.

Your way or my way? Anyway, it’s fine. We’ll meet in the middle. Dance like the divine. Karmic worlds collide.

Put some energy into harmony. Can’t we all just get along?

Right now we have the ability to see everything from multiple points of view. Specifically and sparing no details. Let the understanding flow! Let the useless bullshit go.giphy-6Today is the day to use your extreme emotions for the best outcome. Show gratitude for the authentic people in your life. Life is about balance. There is no giver or receiver. There is only equality. Make it happen.

Passion, service and creation. A vast desire for exploration.

Get off the couch and look around you.

There are groups of people, who will astound you.

Be genuine, passionate, helpful and kind.

These types of aspects are hard to find.

Venus + Mars in Virgo.

Create your best self. Create AS your best self. If you walk like yourself. Talk like yourself. Cultivate always what is within yourself. You can never be wrong. There is no wrong. There is no right way. There is no correct answer. You are the answer. Who you are is the key. Act on it. With compassion share yourself with the world. The world needs you.


Duality. Balance.

Everything within nature, a stunning duet.

The key.


Masculine and Feminine, circles within circles, we dance. giphy-5

A gold ring in the form of a snake swallowing its tail.
Knowing who you are, with your own greater self right there standing above you, showing you the way. Impressing the mark of advanced selfhood upon everything in sight, you are clear as a bell that you must hold true to your nature. This life’s journey is sensed as a true biography, a story for the ages which completes itself and comes back to the beginning at the next octave. Knowing beyond knowing the nature of the quest, and being especially aware of the how of each little step to pass this on. It is a delicate matter to know this much. Many who attain this point will employ their conscious mind to cover all this up and generate a busy outer facade. However, the substantive attunement to the mysteries cannot be missed by any angel, and suggests that this is a culminating and a consummate way of being which speaks from the vital center and is there beyond all attempts to throw it off.

From Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale


Generate a little more intensity into the important areas of your life. Injections of vitality and splendor. Some cycles are now completed. Some wars, finally over. Sweet relief. Precious protection. No need to fear. We are enough. We are everything.

What do you have in Virgo/6th house? Where is your natal Mars and Venus? Use your blueprint to guide your ritual.


Turn yourself on, to repressed desires.

Act fervently, birth many fires.

Trails of ash and wings receiving

None of us are ever leaving!

From the Earth

We come

We go.

For as above

then so below.

giphyDuring this time all types of activity is favored. Join a Coven. Take Action for Animals. Practice some sex Magick. Volunteer for the needy. Clean your entire house top to bottom. Prepare your garden for Winter. Make candles. Draw or paint a masterpiece. Just get more spirit/s in your life.

XxX- C

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