Trending Headlines for the Sync

The cosmos influence everything. Our personality, our social lives, career, etc. But did you ever notice how it influences world events and headlines as well? Check out what’s trending during Full or New Moons. Things are especially obvious when the Sun changes signs. Cosmic influences, explained. Check in, pay attention, sync up. That’s the way to play the game.


Grave of Griffin Warrior. This is so perfect. A Griffin is half Eagle. Scorpio is all about transmutation from Scorpion, to Pheonix Rising and finally the soaring Eagle. Eagle/Lion represents a spiritually reborn (Scorpio) king (Leo). Scorpio’s leading Archetypal word is death. Tomb? Excellent. Post mortem. Buried with this 30 something man were beautification items. He wanted to be sexy in the next life. Cue the Taurus Full Moon. A fine hairbrush, a mirror.. Oh! Some amazing carved stone Bull Goddess tokens. Ok then. Scorpio + Taurus Full Moon polarity, exactly. Poignant. We can be even more beautiful in our next life. That’s the goal, right?

W.H.O study finds eating processed meat regularly do cause cancer. Appropriate lesson on moderation. Venus, Jupiter and Mars in Virgo. Take action (Mars) to moderate (Jupiter) your diet (Virgo). Make healthier choices. You know, drink more water. Eat vegetables without bacon. Get out of Netflix and Chill. Go walk and explore. Something like that. Go Veg a few days a week. Hey, it’s less costly too. Basically what these planets are saying is it’s just not cool to neglect your temple any longer. Take care, or beware. Hey, pretty spooky. Pass the candy. Skip the bacon. Pigs, they thank you.

South Carolina Cop assaults high school student. The police officer, who could have used his authority/power (Scorpio Sun) to communicate with respect, instead chose to be disrespectful and use force. Here the shadow of Taurus (stubborn force) and Scorpio (Power Trip) shown at once. The archetype Persephone (the underage girl) who was abducted (arrested) into the underworld (jail, potential death) by Hades (power tripping Scorpio shadow). Her season is the Spring as vegetation shoots forth in the time of the fertile Taurus Archetype. Some light always eventually comes from the darkness. Awareness. Force is cowardly. Don’t be a BULLy.

Human and Pig DNA found in Veggie hotdogs. Secret Scorpio Sun interacting with Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Virgo? Sounds like it. Very scary! oooooooooh

Astrology rules every thing around me. Get the Sync Up, cosmic karma time y’all.


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