Taurus Full Moon

Taurus Full Moon is after a muse, a guide. Who is the person by your side? It could only be you. You are enough.

Cooperation to cultivate a beautiful life affirms meaning. But is it the only yearning? You are enough.

Life is beautiful, mystical, magickal. You are a gift. You are the cosmic infinite. You are more, than enough.

When the Libra New Moon gifted us with a shadow makeover she wasn’t kidding around. Balance has been in the spotlight for weeks. Are you stepping in time? Taurus Full Moon takes that a leap further and goes 1000 leagues beyond the creative imagination. Anything is possible. Shine a light on it.PeggyPitchOh-WhiskersWhat do you crave? Are you living in the world you want? Where do you truly long to be? Go there. Be where you are and know you are enough. In fact, you’re probably too much! Are you living up to your potential? It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes. Set goals and follow through with them. Now is the time.

Fill up before the cold gets colder. It’s time to hunt and store. This Moon marks a time when many Native tribes celebrate with feasting. Life is worth celebrating. This is the time for us to enjoy what we’ve worked for all year. It is also the time to save for the future.

taurus full moon

MAMA Taurus Moon grounds us. She protects us. She assures us Don’t worry child. Everything will be alright. Then she feeds us and sets us up with a creative activity.

MAMA Taurus is a crafty beast! Taurus Moon will teach you how to spell correctly. Improper spelling leaves the door open for someone else to hijack your show. Fixed Taurus doesn’t let others take the reigns. Be free to write your own story. Spell well.

This is the moment to take action and expand the energy of your heart. Hold your chest and breath deeply. These Moonbeams possesses the power to transform. Even the most inflexible, bend.

Love the people in your life. But most of all, love yourself. Don’t push yourself to the point of grounding out and shutting down. Treat yourself the way you treat others! Be self compassionate. Take a note from a baby, baby. Tiny steps get the job done too.11748717_10153174224597763_806655011_nIf you’ve exemplified a pattern of abusive self talk it’s time to stop. If you talk about others, it’s time to stop. Dark behaviors cause karmic aging. You don’t want premature wrinkles, do you? Get a real filler, inject that gash with the light of love. You have far more space than you think. So fill up buttercup, this Moon’s for you!


Full Taurus Moon

A sleepwalker.
Everything begins with an inward cast, and then if you wish to get anywhere you must go there on the inside and meet yourself there when you arrive. You feel a desire to memorize the territory of all the inner ways–to remember them, to recognize them and to be able to follow them when it counts. You feel like you’ve been taught in the dream state, shown everything in dreamless sleep and through dreams. You’re subtly and pervasively closely accompanied by a protective guiding spirit. Held within the soul’s alembic. Entrusted to the angels. Living in threshold sensitivity, attuned to the edge. Led by the spirit through darkness into light. Subliminal, enchanted, anxious, and at peace. Always searching for something more. Remembering in your soul the lost Earth ways and giving over to spirits, you belong to the infinite and wander through the finite worlds. You are like a stranger, knowing something else is at stake here. Something else is going on here. Something else is completely involved.

Scorpio Sun

Pigs being fed.
Feast or famine. Generating a world with an on or off switch. By pressing the off switch habitually, none of your deeper needs or desires are being met, and you resent this with an internal grumble that eats away at your substance. The on switch, pressed in emergencies when you have nothing left, pulls in a very full response to what you crave. Suddenly everybody and everything are there filling you up with goodies. Yet as soon as you have had your fill you starve yourself down to spiritual emaciation. Denying yourself everything is a karmic pattern that you are chronically hooked on. Granting yourself brief reprieves from this ancient sentence is the only way to blow off steam and survive for another round. However, you do acquire a taste for the plus state to come, realizing that if you can release the past, everyone else is willing. And all signs are forward as soon as you let up stinging yourself for past misdeeds and come afresh to life, hungry and willing.

From Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale

During the Libra New Moon we were completely emptied. Vessels, ready for the filling. Spirits up for renewal. Now here we are, ripe for the rewards. The labors of love and fruits therein burst forth. Harvest Moon. Hunters Moon.

A trail of cosmic stardust follows.

We are enough.

The Full Moon in Taurus occurs at 7:05 am CST October 27th.

A whole New World. That’s where we’ll be.

“I’m like a shooting star
I’ve come so far
I can’t go back
To where I used to be”

// Aladdin is set in the future, dont’cha know //


Bonus: Venus is still in Virgo, urging us to polish up the darkness. Let the glow of the Full Moon flow through you. Absorb it and save some for later. Literally, make Moon water!

Build your sync-urity account with the financially brilliant Taurus Full Moon. Drink it up, get down!

Mega Watt Bonus: Our Moon (sign) will teach us our Spiritual lineage. What’s yours?

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