Venus + Jupiter; Passionploration

Venus joins Jupiter today! What a great way to kick off the Taurus Full Moon. No clues left for questioning, we’ve rested. The sky lights our way. The mood starts off lazy and turns lighter, later. It’s a great day to drink an excess of coffee and clean your house. Jovial Jupiter and Poetic Venus make beautiful music together. Reaching that higher octave is no problem today. Life is just beautiful. More synchronicities, coming right up!

Take time to clear and clean your altar. The Taurus Full Moon is in two days. Focus on prosperity, security and the gems of life. Of course, money is no gem. The gem is love. Money is merely the byproduct of doing what you are excited about. Let Venus clarify what you love, while Jupiter helps you be optimistic.giphy-45

Money is a reflection of your spiritual and karmic health. As above, so below. Paying off your karmic debts will bring more financial freedom your way. Scorpio Sun will be an opposing force as the Taurus Full Moon rises on the 27th. Scorpio teaches us to use other people’s money to build security. For this reason is favors investing and all types of financial advisement. Taurus is quite the opposite, teaching us to suck it up, work hard and earn everything we want.

Taurus, working from the level of Earth, a material plane. The bull can be stubborn, insisting on early pleasures with a credit card bill to match. Scorpio, also stubborn, likes things their own way. Taurus learns from Scorpio to be more spiritual, to dig deeper and to be more fluid. Scorpio learns from Taurus how to save, plan for the future and put more focus on the home.

Today as the ruler of Taurus, Venus, dances with Jupiter at 15 Virgo, we’re reminded to take better care of our finances. The Taurus Full Moon will echo that sentiment.

A man inherits a vast fortune.
Aristocracy takes many forms. Whether by karmic predisposition or by bloodline or both, being granted the ultimate pedigree for serving effectively. Those who have ruled can serve. Those who have mastered can give themselves over. Those who have attained can extract the essence of what they have come to before and utterly discard the rest. Showered with blessings. Filled to overflowing with the streams of your background, you are yet definitely motivated to use all this as a springboard and not to lean back on it. You feel the impulse to renew gifts, treasures and mysteries–to revitalize the old streams, to make relevant and essential what has previously proven to be steady and enduring. And most of all, endowed with a fluency in drawing from the well something fresh and new, and being so at home in bringing it all through that you become an individual here in the midst of things, who just happens to know and be familiar with just about anything you need to access from the well that never runs dry.
From Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale


During a Full Moon, the Moon and Sun stand in opposition. The Sun illuminates the face of the Moon and in turn, she illuminates the Earth. Moonbeam magick! We look to the other side of the Zodiac wheel, in order to find balance. We take lessons we need and grow as individuals. We are answering the old question Money or Love? What is the motivation?

And if you banish me from your profits

and if i get banished from the kingdom up above;

I’d sacrifice money and heaven, all for love.

Let me be loved! Let me be loved!

Rilo Kiley

Both the Scorpion and the Bull live life with a furious and insurmountable passion. They’re both concerned with reputation, sex, appearance and money. The love affair between Taurus and Scorpio is as old as the sky. At the 45 day mark post Summer Solstice each year, the most beautiful stars in the sky, the Pleiades, rise after midnight. This marks the arrival of Autumn. This year, Samhain occurs November 5th. With this event, the portal opens and our ancestors walk the earth with us. Faeries retreat until Spring and we’re left wondering where the time has gone. Those who have died, we honor. They never truly leave us. That is love.

This is the new year. Release it all, press restart. Give it to your ancestors. Today, this day of Venus and Jupiter, we’re reminded to sing, give thanks and above all, remain positive. You really don’t have control, it’s just a game. Be passionate, that’s what life is about. Love or Money, decide.


This is the hunters moon. So don’t pray, or you’ll become prey. Set your sights high and hunt what you want from life.

Everything you desire is already on the way. But you have to attract it. Be positive with your magick. Spell, well.



The Scorpion’s stars crawl down behind the sun,

and when he drops below the verge of day,

The glittering fangs, their fervid courses run,

Cling to his skirts and follow him away.

Then, ere the heels of flying capricorn

Have touched the western mountain’s darkening rum,

I mark, stern Taurus, through the twilight gray

The glinting of thy horn,

And sullen front, upping large and dim,

Bent to the starry hunter’s sword, at bay.

They hoofs, unwilling, climb the sphery vault;

Thy red eye trembles with an angry glare,

When the hounds follow, and in fierce assault

Bay through the fringes of the lion’s hair.

The stars that once were mortal in their love,

and by their love are made immortal now,

Cluster like golden bees upon thy mane,

When thou, possessed with Jove,

Bore sweet Eurpoa’s garlands on thy brow,

And stole her from the green Sicilian plain.

Bayard Taylor, Taurus; Verses One and Two

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