Sun Enter Scorpio

Today we made the shift from Air Sign Libra into Water Sign Scorpio. Scorpio is a multi layered water sign, all about perception, power and other people’s money. Scorpios love sex, fine wines, lavish food, black and red everything and asking probing questions. A happy scorpio is a well fed, well sexed, secret receiving machine. They do not like to be questioned or asked to explain themselves. They do not like relinquishing their power or authority. They know in the first moment if they like you. Or not. Best hope it’s that they like you.giphy-40

Investment opportunities are prime during this time. Karmic baggage beware, the dead skin shall be shed. Or at least, it should be shed. Power trips may cause you to stumble and fall while sexual prowess revs it’s *giant* engine. Don’t let the imbalances of Scorpio become you; jealousy, greed and spite. However if you’re looking to exact revenge on a cold, frightful day, a grumpy Scorpio is just the friend for you.

As we make this Solar shift into the sign of the Alchemist we’re reminded to take the Librian balance one step further. We go deeper, further. Dig it up, dig it out. Scorpio rules the pits of the soul. When constricted, the energy halts. Once open, there is boundless power. Tap into the source. giphy-24

Just as the Scorpio Archetype purges our fears and woes, October is a time to shed our skins. Let the leaves fall as they may. Leave your troubles be far behind you. Repent to yourself.

Scorpio transmutes the soul. It’s time to be reborn. Don’t relinquish your power. Don’t gossip. Don’t lie. Don’t act with ulterior motives. Scorpio, knows. She always, always knows.When the soul begins to transmutation, the higher side of Scorpio can shine. Scorpio transforms from the ashes. From a bug to a dragon to a bird. The struggle is real! From the Scorpion, to the phoenix reborn and finally the soaring Eagle. We reach the heavens. Both a beautiful poetic creature and a carnivorous. territorial, ancient familiar. Flying lizards with the feathers of angels. Score.Pi.OH! Eagle. We reach the point on high. Those places where we find hell. Surgical removal. Sterilize your instrument. Locate the intrusion. Embrace the pain so you may welcome greater pleasure.

On the lighter side Scorpio we find heaven. Yes, there is a lighter side. The heart of Pluto ❤ Modern vision. She only relinquishes power once the tests have been passed. Guarded is the heart. The cold, tiny heart. Of a Scorpio Sun. How we love her.

scorpio powersScorpio rules mysticism, magick and the occult. Taboo history is Scorpio’s thing. Mind reading is Scorpio’s thing. Actually lots of things are Scorpio’s thing. She’s rather possessive and obsessive.

Beware a damaged Scorpion with an addiction. They won’t change until they’re ready to. Don’t let the poison get you down.

During the next month, check to see what planets/bodies live in your natal 8th house and Scorpio. Get into something Occulty. Enjoy the thinned veil and invite your ancestors for communion.

Remember, Scorpio people get a bad wrap. They’re pegged as crazy, selfish, manipulative dark hearts. That’s not the case at all. Scorpio is highly sensitive. They long to be needed. Their energetic tentacles stretch wide and tend to get tangled up. Instead of thriving, they’ll start sinking. Heaven or hell? You decide. Scorpio’s empathy skills become overwhelming, resulting in imbalance.

Honor your magick this hallow’s eve. Dance in the light of the Taurus Full Moon on the 27th. Dig into the hidden meanings, symbolism and occulted history surrounding you. Look behind the mask.

Standing in the way of control. You live your life.

XxX- C

Mercury square Pluto

Karmic healing is at the forefront. The past comes back at the purge level. Spewing forth. So much rot. The festering scabs falling alway. Matched in a flame to the spirit world. Dancing with your language. Keep specific. Point your wand, not your finger. Elevate. Levitate. Reactivate. You are jelly. Gel with it.

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