Jupiter + Mars in Virgo; Galactivate!

Well, well this is a first in my lifetime! Expansive Jupiter delivers big today with powerhouse Mars in conjunction in Virgo. Mars, known for his impatience and drive. Jupiter, known as the freedom driven Guru of the Zodiac. Both come together to jolt us back into proper perspective. Timing is everything. Business is booming. No time to waste. Galactivate!

With all of this energy honed within the sign of hypochondriac Virgo, we learn to take care of our temples just a little bit better. The planet of vitality, expansive Jupiter, brings a much needed health boost to the month of October. Did anyone order a personal trainer, side of juice cleanse? What about the Vegan mega diet change o magic? Did you have a cellular cleansing system delivered to your door? What about the copper crystal activation grid? Or the brand new meditation pyramid ten thousand? Did Amazon have everything you needed? I hope so.giphy-30Jupiter and Mars have really come together to get some work done, in constellation of the master perfectionist, Virgo. Use this aspect to engage in expansive activities. Waiting for some career luck? It’s here! Don’t let your critical side take over. Sure an endpoint is the goal, but the route is the experience you actually need. Be patient! The journey is more valuable then the finish line. As long as you follow your intuition, you can never be wrong. Keep an eye on the prize but don’t take your focus from what’s in front of you. Everything is obvious and begging to be simplified. Don’t overload your plate while you’re busy taking over the world! Even Mars may get tired of too much work.jupiter marsPassionate sexual adventures may be on your mind these days. I say, why not! Explore your wild side with carnal Mars and oh-so-charming wingman, scholar Jupiter. These two feisty guys are teaming up in the sign of the Virgin to show us a good time. Virgo, a hopeless romantic, may give a boost to any defeated relationship energy present in your life. As we say here in New Orleans, get it how you live.

Classical ruler of Scorpio, mystical Mars may prefer a good spell or twelve. He definitely won’t be waiting for anyone else to join the party either. Mars waits for no witch. He can run the ring of fire alone. Salt? Who needs it! Metaphysical Jupiter may go overboard today by reading every single Alan Watts quote posted on Goodreads. Beware the temptation of enlightened over posting! You’re great and we all know it. No need to remind us too much, ok?

Sag Moon adds fire to desire. You could probably use that one uncrossing altar candle, but you don’t need nine of them. Your checking account will thank you in two weeks when rent is due. giphy-23Regardless of how you handle this energy, a choice is waiting to be made. You can’t drag your feet anymore. Focus, focus, focus. Delve full force into your future. Your old program is ready for a system upgrade. Particular Virgo will make sure you’re successful.

Take charge of your motivating factors this weekend. Are you working from a place of joy or fear? Are you battling yourself and halting progress in your life? Just say no! Simplify, diversify and amplify your success!

A long steel screw.
Set in place, the die is cast–the past determines the future. Held within patterns and syndromes of the habitual and the pragmatic–literalistically identified within strictly severe frameworks. You are at the mercy of conditionings and programmings, and chronically mentally obstructive, up against the grind of the outer mind droning onward. Radically non-creative, noninnovative, you follow the party line. Waiting until the loss of real direction has played itself out endlessly, and hoping that a different phase altogether will knock you over the head and pull you onward from this dead end.

From Inside Degrees, by Ellias Lonsdale

If you’re waiting to make a move, now is the time to begin the journey. As the saying goes, the journey begins with a single step. Don’t aim to be the rabbit, aim to be the turtle. Because it’s steadfastness that’s going to get you there, not speed.

The Galactic center is located in Sagittarius. Connect with the cosmos and tap your source. You are divine and oh-so-fine! giphy-29This conjunction may indicate a time of travel or relocation. Follow your heart. Let the cards fall as they may, Jupiter will handle the rest. Take a moment and give thanks. Cut loose. Get wild. Jupiter loves a good time! Mars will keep you out all night. Virgo will remind you to look classy while doing it all.

If you’ve been paying attention lately, the Libra New Moon taught us to open ourselves to love. Especially the love we have for ourselves. Use that wiggle room to stow away some of Jupiter’s prosperity goop. This is a positive injection of stamina where you need it most. Don’t waste this cosmic gift on a {pick a noun} that doesn’t deserve it. This sudden burst of optimism and energy is sure to refuel those of us who desperately need it. Plug into the outlet of Mars and allow him to bolster the luck of Jupiter in your life. Depletion be damned!

Percy Bysshe Shelley, a passionate Leo, had natal Jupiter conjunct Mars.souls joyWhat constellation holds your natal Jupiter and Mars? Look to these two planets for the greatest impact during this conjunction event.

Virgo is here to wash our filth. Set intentions today with a magickal bath. Light a red, purple and white candle. Go outside and run. Breath in the mountain air. Visit an intellectual breeding ground. Teach someone. Learn something. Whatever you do, just don’t do nothing! This is not a weekend to be wasted. giphy-27In a note of super active Mars+Jupiter humor today Cancer Tiger Lindsay Lohan announced she wants to run for president in 2020 with Gemini Snake Kanye. Seriously, jovial Jupiter, that’s a funny thing to say! Tigers and Snakes are totally not compatible! Duh! However we do need to learn to love ourselves as much as Kanye loves Kanye. Now that’s a Mars+Jupiter in Virgo #goal

XxX- C

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Oh, Kanye.

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