Syncing Up

Venus in Virgo

Venus enters Virgo today at 12:30 central time. Oh what joy! Venus now moving direct, we’re ready. Forward, a vision of a better life. It’s just on the horizon, bright morning star. Time to buy a new broom. With Mars already in tidy Virgo, projects are now boosted into the spotlight. One thing at a time. Don’t get lost too early.

If it’s not perfect, it’s not done. Venus in Virgo isn’t going to let anyone sit around. Point the finger, she will. Don’t make her do it!

Creative characters take care. Monster projects lurk about. Select wisely and don’t let quantity ever rule over quality. Focus and finish what you begin.

Take moments to refresh yourself. Don’t get so busy you forget to eat. Oh, gluten-free-vegan-a-tarian-paleo-gaps please. Venus in Virgo is all about clean eating. Digestive tracts could use some TLC right now. Skip the pizza and go for the better choice. You don’t have to be extreme, just be mindful. Be sure to balance your body right now. A 30 day detox is probably a good idea. Oh, your liver, it quivers.


Authorize this next month to organize, edit and otherwise step up your aesthetic game. Celebrate this neurotic nightmare! If you’re at work gut, dust and organize your desk. If you’re a creator, now is the time for that new project. If you’re home, strive to become a cleaning + re-decorating machine!

There’s always something that needs to be done. There’s always something ugly to be given away. There’s always something, somewhere, that needs to be shifted around.

When it’s all done Venus in Virgo cultivates a burning desire to be adored and appreciated. Just kidding, the work is never done! So just adore and appreciate more often. Venus in Virgo lives to serve. So if the service goes unnoticed, she’ll become critical and harsh. It hurts to care so much about so many details. Be kind to your Venus in Virgo. Love her. Make dinner and later, make love.. Lots of love. On your freshly washed sheets. Then be sure to wash them again, soonish. (Thanks)

Venus wants nothing short of spectacular. However, her endless list of desires doesn’t equate to disappointment. Give yourself a break. Don’t be discouraged if you feel lost. Mars is close at hand, willing to give you the energy to get where you want to be. Just try a little harder.

Do something new to make your life lovely. Have a walk. Visit a museum or a garden. Take a healthy cooking class. Visit your grandmother. Clean your house out. Get your hair cut. Just DO something that makes your life feel whole. Do what makes you feel satisfied. Do what makes you happy. Just don’t over do it!

Venus moves into Libra on November 9th for some lessons on love. Take the now, to seek sleek. Be chic. Don’t compromise. Build aesthetic. Boost your career. Mars has our back until November 13th. He’ll hold the door, as we make a fast escape with the booty. So get that booty!

If your natal Venus is in Virgo, this song is for you! It’s your time to shine! Polish your perfect self a little brighter. It’s time to out beam the sunshine.

Earth signs of Capricorn and Taurus will gain new neurosis and insights.

Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces will get lost in a new world.

Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will demolish their mountain of goals.

Kiss kiss! (wipe your mouth)

xXx- C


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