Moon conjunct Venus in Virgo

The Moon steps from roaring Leo, into the sign of Virgo at 2:51pm today. There she joins lady Venus for an afternoon and evening of girl power and goddess love. Spend the day dishing your dreams, insights and ideas to close fem-friends.

Relax at home and get cozy! Eat something naughty and get your laugh on. Dust off your sketchbook and let your chaotic imagination take over. If you need to cry, do it. Let your sentiments connect your heart to the entire world.

On a higher octave this aspect is favorable for connecting women together. Grandmothers, long passed, may begin to speak up. Listen to them! Let your closest confidants become your cosmic touchstones. Seek your bliss and let the light of love shine into your life. Give yourself the happiness you deserve.

To paraphrase one of my brilliant and maternal friends;

You don’t need a good life, that’s for merely good people. You need an amazing life, because you are an amazing person.

The only limits you have are the ones you set for yourself. Mars will conjoin Jupiter in a few days. Set your goals now and prepare for expansion. The upcoming Libra new moon may throw you out of balance if you aren’t granting yourself permission to heal. Nobody is perfect. Choose love. The past is the past. If you hold onto parched memories, you’re denying yourself the water of life. It’s not that you “Can’t” it’s that you won’t! It’s okay to feel afraid. Just feel it. Tap into your intuition. Because that, is perfection.

moon  venus rising


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