Balance (it) out

Sun gaining space dust on retrograde Mercury. Surrender distortions in a flash of light. Slide in. Balance.

The landslide of bricks hits. Truth unearthed from an ancient cavern. Overcoming waves of pain. Balance.

Libra’s paintbrush bringing change. Supermoon. Wobble and fall. Time tilts the scale. Balance.

Communication equalizes. Perspective steps onstage. The jig is up, the trick is over. Regain. Balance.

Message from the heavens. Boundless love; turn the channel. Simplify, nullify, organize. Balance.

Bless the candle. Write it down. Give the water, birth. Rain brings cleansing. Balance.

Talk it out. I AM; yourself. Take note. Have heart, growth. Balance.

Courage from an untouched shelf. Dust the boots. Walk on, black heart. Balance.

Mirror, mirror. False fronts fade. Keen to the tune. In love with the dance. Resisting the wave. Balance.

Tapping out to the pulse of dynamics. In a transit. What we seek. Balance.

pyramid eye moon

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