Aries Supermoon Eclipse + Mercury Retrograde; Lighten up to brighten up

Hello, I’m back. I took some time off to welcome my beautiful Virgo daughter onto the Earth plane in late August. Now, onto other cosmic business. We’ve got lots to talk about.

Since my last post in June countless events have transpired. We had a dark Moon Eclipse start the party. Around that time Saturn returned to Sagittarius to stay a while. Venus turned direct and Pluto turned direct too, woo! Just prior to Pluto’s big move yesterday, Mars moved into Virgo to grind our gears for a spell. So, really there is so much going on. This is one of those dive off the cliff of change periods in our collective experience.


Mercury went retrograde in Libra on the 17th. Typical Mercury retrograde conditions apply during this time. Talking in circles, word vomit and confusion beyond measure are especially prevalent. Are we even speaking the same language here? Press pause please. Gifting entire loads of energy to others can leave you drained. Seek to simplify. Warrior Aries SuperMoon knows how to choose her battles. Likewise, so should you.

Our spiritual body is experiencing some change.

So below.

Life feels rather chaotic.

Slow down, turn down. Listen.

supermoon eclipseThis Full Moon is particularly influential due to the North and South node’s 3 degree Orb from the Sun + Moon polarity.

Our DNA is reminding us of where we’ve come from and where we’re going. Past and future lives collide. Little movies bubble up.

Release the trauma.

Radical self acceptance. What a concept! #Love

As the Libra Sun opposes the Aries Moon this evening our conscious may feel a click. The golden moment to restart and refocus will echo loudly in our souls. A palpable shift.

Leave behind what you believe to be any delusional popularity points to just be yourself. Weird is right. Don’t be wrong.

Seeking more often to do what feels correct. A massive push forward.

Suddenly we’re finding ourselves engrossed with where we’re headed.

Aries Moon propels us, take the steps necessary to find our way there.. Where ever there may be. pyramid eye moonIf you’ve been attempting to restore yourself with physical means, it’s time to focus on your spiritual body.

Where are your energy drains?

What relationships are no longer productive and supportive?

Which promises have you conjured that need to be fulfilled?

What expectations do you need to release?

Breath out, keep that going.

After this year’s long list of dashed expectations, broken promises and faulty systems it’s definitely time to clean the crazy house of thoughts. Shine the light of this Super Aries Blood Moon directly into your life. Allow it to illuminate those crusty corners. Accept the energy of change. Gracefully attempt to truly go with the flow. Sweep the floor. Make amends. Focus. Shut up a while. Change can’t happen if you’re too busy talking.


Moon in Aries
A cup overflowing with clear water.
Magic when someone is ready and willing to stand there and allow all of existence to stream and pour through them. They shall activate the forces of magic, the return of wonder, and the feeling for what can be. Abandoning yourself to the frequency of boundless discovery in naive, raw, initial disclosure–exhilarated, ecstatic, triumphant. Unable to contain yourself one moment longer. So enthusiastic and alive that you must find kin, playmates to go places with and cut loose together. A state of being that begs to be shared, that must be spoken, invoked, and honored. It is the release point for a flood of new impuls- es, and when given full momentum, it rallies, inspires, sets the world on fire, and laughs so delightedly and uproariously that no one can resist joining in.

Sun in Libra

A woman bites into a lemon and makes a face.
Out of phase, out of sync, distressed, and reactive. Seeking comfort and stability where there is none. On a jag of insistency upon your own sensibility and feelings being important and inescapable. You are lulled by pain and anger to become hooked back into old stuck places, compulsively and automatically, in melodramatic display of dissension and dissatisfaction. You have a destructive vibration which is fueled by a high pure nature, but spun out of orbit into the wrong time and place where support and encouragement are lacking. Inside the soul, your lessons center around witnessing the lower nature becoming activated, and moving through this awkward edge into deeper process and broader openings, probing to find a path through the conflicts of the battleground, which can be followed and held to and made a basis for the future.

From Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale

fancy blood moon chart

Lighten up to brighten up.

Take a note from an Aries and don’t wait around to get it done!

Finish those feelings, let it out and get going. 

XxX- C

Hyper Hype if ever is this Blood Moon buzz. The Moon will be a shade of red. Visible from the Eastern Americas, Western Europe and Africka. #SuperBloodMoon

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