Full Moon in Sagittarius; Going Full Fire

Full Moon with the Sun dancing just ahead of trickster Mercury in retrograde. Fuel in the fire, explosions in the cosmos. Waiting to expand while the pressure builds. Racing thoughts, emotional upset. It’s time to go to war for what you believe in.

metropolis-deathDon’t panic, be patient. We’re waiting for the enemy to die off. The mindset, the disease. A virus long past it’s expiration. We endure.

Change is here and we’re the catalysts. Saturn sits in the void retrograde. He’s gone. Where is the order? We crave structure. Instead we run full force, into the wild.

Uranus still in Aries, squaring Venus in Cancer, relationships are changing. Radical things are happening. Time for endings and beginnings. Decisions handle themselves.


The Moon and Sun at 11 degrees.

Sagittarius Moon, craves interpersonal freedom. Soul is expanding from the shell. Growing pains.

Gemini Sun, talk to me. Bring me messages so I can see. Be wary your words. Or the spells you cast.

Which hand?

black-and-white-vintage-old-hands-spirit-esoteric-occult-spiritism-_336315-52Freedom seeking Full Moon trine radical Uranus. Is it time for a metaphysical revolution? The Sun, Mercury and Mars all agree. Full steam ahead, Jupiter empowers us to grow. Lead by example. Apply actual action.

And I try, oh my god do I try
I try all the time
In this institution
And I pray, oh my god do I pray
I pray every single day
For a revolution

A string of pearls.
Everything seems equal to everything else. Life coming in at such an angle of perception that it always leads to the same places. What goes around comes around. Characteristic observations, pet phrases, cliches, truisms. Becoming aware that everything makes perfect sense, that it all fits together as naturally as can be and that all you have to do is pay attention. There is a second, deeper lesson–elusive and baffling–that may ultimately prove to be centered around “Who is the observer, and what is that special ingredient they put in there that makes everything so self-evident?” If the world is right there for the asking, the self remains an enigma, an unknown, the territory yet to be mapped out or rendered commonsensical.

From Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale


Venus carves us a new home. A more beautiful world. Where to begin? Be kind. Give Mercy. Know that even the thinnest dog or most desperate human face bear a soul. Share your light, especially in the darkness. Even demons crave healing. Pay attention to every detail. Each nuance breaths us closer to the life we crave. Protect yourself.

Even in the vain of chasing after freedom you imprison yourself to that which you seek. Discover balance first and always. Don’t overdo it. Sometimes, a pause is best. Even the most valiant efforts can be overdone. Practice moderation. Don’t lose control.


Tap into the sacred wisdom that is so linked to Sagittarius and Jupiter. We are the Guru and the Student all at once. Don’t let yourself be lowered. Keep your vibration strong. Temptations may come. Testing testing. Even failures are training grounds. Keep moving forward. You know the path, adhere to it.

Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Gemini + Sun Rules the Hands and Heart. Sagittarius + Moon rules the Hips and Chest. Hold onto your heart and keep steady from the core of your being. The future is already here.

8e6c7243950e5be22222436fa5fce9c9A bird carefully selects fibers to build it’s nest before departure.


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